Monday, June 13, 2011

A Ballerina, A Party and a little Splashing

Wasn't May a busy month, ya'll?
Wow ~ June is flying by, too ~ it's nearly half over!
Before we get too far away from her recital time, Mimi has to show ya'll her littlest ballerina . . . Miss Cybil! She was a beautiful little sailor in her first ever recital on May 29th.

A beautiful smile, pointed toes, and her bouncing personality made her the cutest and best by far!!

She's too much like her big sister, though, and says this one and only time does it for her ~ next year it's all sports; but we'll see, Mimi's still hoping for at least one more year . . . after all, CJ did give it 2 years before she moved on to her true love.

Although Cybil's birthday was May 24, her party had to wait until June 12 . . . I mean, between her dancing and her sister's ballgames when was there time for a party? But it couldn't have been any better than it was this past weekend!

Snoopy and Little Gym ~ Cybil's favorite combination! What fun!!

The Cousins

Just look at all that talent! Even Adelynn finally got in on the act!

Blowing out the candles as another year begins!

Just had to show a picture of their precious "hairdos" that Aunt Mande did for them.

Now . . . Ya'll know we have to start off our summer with a little "splashing"

Check out those Bikini Babes!

While the big girls contemplate how cold the water is, the little ones are getting lathered up in sunscreen. Adelynn was all tuckered out from playing with Mimi while the rest of the family was off riding the big rides.

What a fun weekend!! Thanks, Cybil, for hosting such a great party and thanks to the rest of the family for letting us crash for the weekend and enjoy a little summer fun in the sun!

Now to the lazy, hazy days of summer . . . are ya'll ready?

Mimi sure is!

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