Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Secret

Hope my sons had a great Father's Day weekend ~ with theme parks, fishing, family reunions and floating down the river on the agenda for ya'll, sounds like you did. So glad!!
Granddaddy did his usual Saturday morning routine with the Gordon Group but on Saturday afternoon the sky burst open and we had a little windstorm along with lightening and rain . . . enough to knock out a lot of power and put enough trees on the ground to close the golf course for Sunday . . . guess you know Granddaddy was lost!
Oh, what would he do? He finally decided, after calling over to talk to the pro, that he would just go check out the damage and maybe practice a little . . . yea, he needs that I'm thinking! So off he went for about 2 hours . . . then, as I'm working away on my computer on things for Y.O.U.K.N.O.W.W.H.A.T, the phone rings and it's Granddaddy ~ right away I could tell there was trouble . . .
shh . . . don't let him know I told you . . . but Mr. Always Right On Top of Everything had locked his keys in the car!! YES, he did!! Never in our 41 years together has he done that . . . me now, well that's a different story, of course.
He had the bright idea that if I would put my phone on speaker and click the extra key, the doors would magically open . . . well, in case you lock your keys in the car ever, don't waste your time trying that . . . it doesn't work!!
How did Granddaddy get home, you ask? Well, since it was Father's Day and all, his sweet, loving wife drove all the way over to the golf course and took him the extra set of keys! Yes, I did!! And I didn't even complain . . . just marked it down in my little pink "getting even" book.

Here he is coming out of the pro shop to get his extra keys ~ look at that face . . . priceless!! I didn't hear him telling any of ya'll about his little incident last night . . .

so . . . shh!! . . . remember, it's our little secret, girls!

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