Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Week = Two Birthdays

Can you guess whose they were? Yes . . . my baby girl's birthday was Thursday, June 23. Mimi was spending a few days since Daddy was traveling ~ we started the day off watching 2 of the A girls in their cheerleading camp exhibition. Great job, little ones!! And ended the day with dinner and a brownie cake complete with whipped cream and candles. We had fun searching for the perfect present from you girls, didn't we?

Happy Birthday, Mande

Then Friday, Mimi journeyed north to celebrate Campbell's 8th birthday with a swim party. The sky looked dark and gloomy all the way there; but, by the time Mimi arrived, the sun was shining bright . . . perfect swim party weather!

Just look at the cake!

Of course, if there's a ball around, CJ is batting or throwing it . . . Mimi's little athlete!

The cousins minus the A girls ~ they were so sad they couldn't make this trip with Mimi.

The present from Mama and Daddy ~ Granddaddy is worried, so please be careful and always wear your helmet!

Happy 8th Birthday, Campbell Jane, today, June 25!

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