Monday, January 9, 2012

The 1st Monday Makes It Official

Granddaddy is now the new Mayor of our little town!

Sworn in at 6:02 on January 9, 2012


Eight years ago I watched as my Daddy was sworn in for the last time as City Judge for his 17th term.

He served one year of that last term before resigning for health reasons; upon his retirement he was presented this plaque by the current Mayor, Mr. Jerry S.  The plaque would be placed on the door of the Judge's chambers.  Because it took so long to get it made, Daddy never saw the plaque hung but tonight I got a picture of it for ya'll.  After Pop's death, I could never make myself go into that part of City Hall again.

Congratulations and Good Luck, Granddaddy!!
We're proud of how you chose to spend retirement!

(ps:  Mimi knows it's really the 2nd Monday but the 1st Monday was a holiday so "legally" this is the 1st Monday)

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