Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking Back . . .

to the Joy of Christmas 2011!

Is it really the 8th of January?  And Mimi hasn't posted the Christmas pictures YET?  Well, here's just a quick look back before we spring full-force into 2012 and all the new and exciting things it will bring.

As posted earlier, Granddaddy and I took a weekend trip to Nashville with the A girls

then . . .

a trip to visit the C girls for a basketball game

 and a very special dinner date with "Little" C

where she got to pick out her very own new Caroler to represent
her Christmas performance with the little choir at church.
(sorry Mimi doesn't have a picture of you singing, Cybie!)

didn't she do a good job of picking one that looks just like her?
then . . .

We were off to watch a ballet performance by a very special A girl

 then back to watch a budding violinist perform in her very first recital

 which prompted the purchase of a new Caroler for AG picked out especially for her by Granddaddy

can't you see the resemblance even down to the red dresses?

then another trip on the weekend before Christmas to watch the youngest member of Timothy II perform in the Nativity

Granddaddy and I did have to miss one little one's performance this year, though, because it was the same night as the littlest C caroler.  From what I hear Baby A did a little dancing with her singing!

then . . .
back home for Santa to come


a new tradition!

 The girls searching for The Green Pickle ~ which German tradition holds brings luck for the new year and a special gift for the one who finds the hidden pickle on the Christmas tree.

They got the gift but we'll have to wait about the luck part ~ anyway it was a new fun thing to do while we waited on the other sleighloads of guests to arrive.

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Granddaddys brought all the family except Scotty and Sweet Baby Josie.  Josie was the sick one this year and Danielle and Scotty took turns going to family Christmas dinners to stay with her.  They were truly missed at Mimi's!!

The Cousins' Table

Sweet Niece and Nephew 

 Mimi was definitely slacking this year on group pictures ~ this is as good as it got ~ sorry kids, hopefully we'll do better next year!

Kaleb entertained us with HIS dancing skills while we waited for Pate and Taylor to arrive

but I'm not so sure the girls were impressed!!

After the last guests left, we opened our Christmas Eve PJ's which again were Christmas Eve gowns, threw food out for Santa's reindeer and got the cookies and milk ready for Santa before flying up to the Nest to the sound of sleigh bells for a "good winter's nap" which Mimi is needing about right now so I'll finish tomorrow!

Good Night!!

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