Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Their Time . . .

to shine!

Mimi's "littliest" Littles started following in their big sissy's footsteps in January.

Is it really possible that they are old enough to do that????

At 3, after signing herself up months ago, Baby A started her first ballet class.

With hair in a bun, new ballet bag, & a new soft cover up,

she was all smiles and so very excited . . .

for "Miss Mary to tell the little ones what to do."
(you had been telling us this for weeks, maybe to reassure yourself that you'd know what to do)

Mimi can't wait until May for the recital!!

At 4, Little Cybie begged to play Upwards basketball on her best friend's team.  After a little debate, Mommy and Daddy decided she could . . .

This week Big Sis was an assistant coach, too.

Making her shot during practice helped her score some goals during the game.  Mimi was too excited watching to get pictures of that, though!

Someone made the comparison that Upwards at this age is a little like "herding cats" and after watching this weekend, I just might have to agree.

But it sure is fun for this Mimi to watch her littles growing, learning, and following the actions of their big sisters.  Seems like only yesterday, the "biggest" Littles were starting out in their respective choice of hobbies.

My, oh my, where does the time go?

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