Thursday, January 12, 2012


Mimi was downstairs when I heard strange noises like thousands of rats running through the house.  No rats, thank goodness!!  Just this . . .



It was 55 degrees outside when I ran to the grocery store this morning.  By 1:00 p.m. the cold front had started to move in and caused a hail storm.  Nothing like I remember ever seeing.

Granddaddy yelled for me to get the camera and hurry to the breakfast room door.

2 smaller piles of hail soon became . . .

One larger pile that piled over the window ledge.

When the thunder and lightening stopped he decided he better shovel it off before it started to melt and run in the window.

Doesn't the deck look pretty?

Luckily, the hail was small ~ about the size of a dime!
Hopefully, there was no damage to cars or roofs!

Before long our ditch was almost to overflowing from the rain and hail mixture.

Last night's weather forecast predicted some snow for tonight so Mimi hurried upstairs and took down the snowflakes hanging in your Nest.  Maybe I got them down in time so that no snow will fall on the Acre.

Hope today brings sunshine where you are!!

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