Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A First for Mimi

Good Morning, Monkeys!

Can you guess what Mimi did last night?

I'll give you a little hint . . . smell the candle burning beside these little jars filled with yummy . . .

Did you guess it?

Okay, it's Miss Janice's Pumpkin Butter.

Since it's fall, Mimi has been dreaming about this delicious pumpkin goodness for a while and finally decided last night to pull out the recipe (found here) and go for it.  Remember I made this a few years ago and, of course, ya'll didn't like it but that's okay . . . I think you have to be a certain age to really love the taste of pumpkin . . .  and it just gave Mimi more to share with her friends.  Later today I'll be adding cute little tags with brown and white gingham ribbon and "booing" a few friends.

But that's not the "First" that's in the title . . . N.O.,

Mimi finally consented to Granddaddy and . . .

got my first-ever FLU shot!

Now, I wasn't quite as bad as the little lady above . . . in fact, it didn't hurt at all!!

Actually, it was a drive-by affair . . . Granddaddy came home from his "mayoring" duties yesterday and announced that we could just drive by the Rec center early (8:30--yes, that's early for us now), stick out our arm and get a shot!


Since it seemed so easy, Mimi gave in and guess what!! We were the first customers of the day and we really did just drive up and stick out our arms!  So today was a FIRST ~ here's hoping to a winter without flu!!

Then . . .

as Granddaddy left for the golf course, Mimi enjoyed some of her freshly made

pumpkin butter on a warm, buttery biscuit

and the last of the roses I trimmed back yesterday.

Hope ya'll are having a Terrific Tuesday!!!

Love you muches!!!

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  1. That pumpkin butter looks delicious! Don't all things pumpkin just taste grand this time of year? I think you may be right though, that it is better as we get older ~ although the pumpkin pancakes I made disappeared quickly:-)
    {I've yet to get my flu shot :-( }