Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something New on the Acre?

As a matter of fact, now that you ask . . .

"I am," said the shiny front door . . .

I hear ya'll saying, "Mimi that's your same ole door you've always had."

And, of course, ya'll are right as always . . . "but I did get a NEW coat of Love today because I had been looking very tired and shabby lately ~ very faded in places . . . kind of like your Mimi's hair gets in between coloring . . . (but shhhh . . . don't tell her I said that!)"

So the tired ole door first got a good rubbing of this Mighty Wonderful Stuff!


after a 30 minute wait, Mimi used another wonderful product by Mr. Howard. 

After 20 more minutes this tired ole door was suddenly brought back to life!

"Not quite sure who Mr. Howard is, but I am certainly L.O.V.I.N.G. his products," says the new shiny door with it's tired ole Halloween wreath.  "You could see me better if my owner hadn't been jumping up and down and made the picture blurry.  But since she was so happy with how I looked, I guess I'll forgive her."

"Even the silly pumpkins on the front steps had wider grins and that little one with the ribbon even started glowing from excitement."

"Now, do you think she could do anything with this old wrinkled ribbon?"

"Hey, Mr. Howard, do you have anything that works on ribbon?"


  1. The door looks fabulous, we all need a little touch up now and then don't we? I love the lighted trees by your door. I may have to try that on the new ones I just planted. Very festive!

  2. WOW! Amazing what that did for your door! Love it!! Now, I'd go get new ribbon!! LOL So good to catch up on my blog reading today!! Happy Fall!