Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little More Fall on the Acre

I'm back!! Buella and Betsy are turned off, 1 UPS package headed south, 1 UPS package headed north, the house is clean, the laundry's done, Halloween decorations are up (well, most of them--some are still "projects"), and Mimi's exhausted! Now, if all the other little projects were complete, I could really rest; but, since there's still more to be done, I'm just taking a quick break to show you girls some more decorations. Let's go back outside . . . Mimi forgot to show you the little scarecrow that's guarding the house.

Now, let's go in the front door . . .

Here's Mimi's little scarecrow tassle ~ made it a little different from the ones I made ya'll. I also made Miss Cheryl and Miss Darlene one like mine. I think they're addicting. (lol)

The box that holds the treats for Halloween gobblins by the tea cart ~ it's empty now because Mimi hasn't had time to look for bargains . . . maybe since the clothes are complete?

I had to move this pillow in because Miss Gigi insists on sleeping on the furniture on the porch. Now if I can just keep ya'll from getting popsicles on it when you stop to rest before going up to the "Nest."

Look on the mantle . . . Miss Bo is helping me keep watch for the little ghosts with the help of light from Mr. Jack. When I found this cute little witch last year, it reminded me of Granny who ALWAYS dressed like a witch and handed out her homemade popcorn balls. Granny LOVED Halloween ~ guess that's why Mimi likes it soooo much! Oh, and Miss Bo's name came from Granny's high school nickname in case you thought I meant Miss Boo.

Isn't she so cute?

Now here's just some of the other areas of the house . . .

These little cones hold goodies for ya'll normally; but since Mimi knew no one was coming this Halloween, I didn't put anything in them yet . . . we sure don't need them! Three of the cones came from Tuesday Morning year before last on clearance and Mimi made the other 3 last year.

Cybil and Adelynn, see your little green witch on the "Treasure Box" chest just waiting on ya'll to come play. Hope that ole crow doesn't peek her on the head! Mimi's thinking that bird cage I got at Service League salvage might eventually have to be painted black; after all, it's only been 2 years. And my dream lamp for the chest is still just a dream . . . Buella and Betsy may have to stay off for a while! Anna Grace, see the pumpkin plaque you and Mommy made for me? Campbell & Ailee, ya'll will like Mimi's table runner ~ it glows in the dark!! (Okay, I didn't know it did that when I bought it but what does it matter, I thought, the girls will like it!)

Who are those cute "little punkins" in that pumpkin frame . . . remember that was at the pumpkin farm and Mimi made all 3 outfits . . . sooooo much fun that day!! Maybe one day we can do that again. You can't see it very good, but the little black pillow asks "So, have you been a good witch or a bad witch?" Guess which one Granddaddy says Mimi has been! My apron just waiting on the Halloween cookies to be made because "the witch is in." The beautiful pumpkin towel was given to me last year by my good friend, Miss Charlotte (the big Emily's grandmother).

My hat just waiting by the door for "All Hallows Eve." As usual, just added a few pumpkins to the bowl of fruit on the buffet. Mimi will probably be moving all that good smelly stuff on my Southern Living tray on the coffee table before Thanksgiving . . . Adelynn and Baby Josie just might be tempted to try it. Mimi's not too happy with her foyer chest--one thing--that mirror (I have cans of oil-rubbed bronze just waiting to stray it)--and, hopefully, Mammaw's chest will be darker before Christmas. Well, that's it . . . doesn't seem to be as much as in the past; is Mimi getting lazy? Maybe . . . but then there won't be as much to change into Fall decorations after Halloween is passed. The dining room is the only room completely decorated "Fall." You'll have to wait to see it when you come eat Tom Turkey.

Mimi still has the front entrance of the subdivision to decorate . . . maybe tomorrow! But first, I have to complete one more BIG project . . . I'll post it after next Friday . . . can't share it yet but it has to do with Miss Pam's daughter Paisley getting on the homecoming court again.

Good night sweet ones! Hope you like all the goodies coming your way tomorrow!


I almost forgot . . . I've had several ask where I got the "Happy Halloween" for the black charger in the previous entry. Well, usually I ask my sweet daughter to make things like that for me through her company The Monogram Monkey but, she's so busy trying to get all her orders completed, she's closed her shop & I didn't have the heart to ask so I bought them off etsy from Anders Ruff Custom Designs. You'll have to watch for other goodies in the collection at my neighborhood pre-hallows eve party.

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  1. I LOVE all your Halloween decos! The chandelier treatment is adorable. I also love the wreath in the small photo in a prev post. Great ideas. Love that charger also. By the way, were you able to get a photo of the little girl in the you know what?:) I'm probably gonnna be doing a post sometime next week with mine and would love to feature her and your blog, 'cuz your blog is precious! No pressure, just asking:)