Saturday, October 9, 2010

A House Divided. . .

A beautiful fall Saturday in the South . . . what does it mean?
Well, if you're truly Southern, it means FootBall ~ SEC style ~ normally a "fairly" calm day on the acre when we're not off between the hedges . . . but THIS particular Saturday it means . . .
In case you're in some remote, unforsaken area, I'm talking about t. h. e. GAME ~ the DAWGS against the "hounddogs" ~ Georgia vs. Tennessee ~ the south 'Acres" against the north 'Acres' ~ cousins against cousins ~ you know . . . parents against children (sweet, in-law children, that is) ~ the family feud kind of war. I'm talking, this kind of war . . .

Granddaddy and Mimi opted to stay home this weekend and watch it on the big screen while you "A" girls cheer for us between the hedges ~ blow kisses to Tay and Heather for Mimi.

Mimi knows ya'll will be all decked out in Red & Black!!!

The "C" girls have a house full of guests this weekend for the CNC homecoming game ~ GO EAGLES ~ but you'll be watching THE game before you dash off to CNC.
Question . . .
what are you "C" girls wearing today . . . red & black or orange & white????? I know what you're wearing for the CNC game or I hope you're wearing your Eagle shirts Mimi made . . . and, yes, CNC is orange and blue . . . but Mimi's talking Tennessee orange or Georgia red????? And, Daddy, what are you wearing . . . is that ole orange shirt you had to wear another weekend wayyyyyy back in the back of the closet today? No need to ask Mommy, I know what she has on!

Last year, Campbell, you played it safe and just wore your Halloween orange ~ were you trying to fool Mimi or just keeping Mommy happy with a little orange & Daddy happy with the white? At least you had GREAT seats!

Just look at that sea of orange ~ but Daddy stayed neutral "looking" even though Mimi knows his heart was beating RED! Maybe this year the score . . . But Mimi's not saying too much about the game until it's over . . . did you see my dawgs last weekend? . . . today they're favored to win . . . we'll see; but for now . . . I just want all my family to know I LOVE you very much regardless of the colors you're wearing. It's only a "game" after all, right? (Yeah, sure ~ who am I kidding, right Mammaw?) And besides, your Granny's favorite song (2nd only to Amazing Grace) was "Rocky Top." Now, ya'll behave yourselves today & remember your raisin' ~ act like Southern gentlemen and ladies regardless of the outcome . . . Mimi's goin'a be trying real hard!!
just listen all you orange "Acre' fans . . . Mimi's playing your song in honor of Granny!

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