Friday, October 29, 2010

Tale of Flight on Halloween Night!

Once upon a night so dreary,
Five little gobblins were dressed so cheery!
All went out for a ride on Halloween night,
My, what a very delightful sight!

First, the witch flew this way and that
going right off without her cat.
She gave quite a fright as she flew through the air . . .
her broomstick of straw & all her GREEN hair!
See that butterfly flitting around?
Oh, how her feet never hit the ground!
Watch as she lights from pillar to post
hoping she won't encounter a ghost!

What's that all dressed in white?
Oh, it's only an angel come down to delight!
See that sweet smiling face
and how she floats around with all that grace?

But wait, here's a li'l punkin with such a silly frown!
I thought I saw her once as a clown
with a big ole nose so red and round.
Or was she an angel the sweetest in flight?
Did someone take her costumes and run off out of sight?

Never Fear!! Wonder Woman is here to save the night!
See that smile behind the mask so sweet
and look at those boots upon her feet!
There's no job too great or too small,
Wonder Woman will conquer them all!
Now you've heard the tale of flight
on this All Hallow's Eve night
with rustling leaves and blowing trees
black cats howling with delight.
Oh, what a spooky sight!!
As you're hurrying and scurrying around
don't forget to say "Thank You" and never frown!
Mimi's Little Munchins, this rhyme's for you . . .
A "made up" song to see you through!
Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Darling! Clever costumes and wonderful rhyme, Mimi! Happy Halloween!