Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Tribute to Halloween . . .

Mimi has been V.E.R.Y. excited about the spider webs that the spiders are building in the corners of the windows outside ~ after all, it is Halloween!

Yes, I was excited until the cable man came yesterday to do some work outside and opened up the 'box' he needed to work in. He found . . .

A Black Widow Spider!!!!!

It was just right outside my door . . . YIKES!!!!!!! Do you know what the silly cable man said, "Go get a jar and let's put him in it for your Halloween decorations." Has he lost his mind??? Mimi loves Halloween and decorations but really only the plastic spiders, especially not the deadly kind of spiders! So while Mr. Cable Man was so excited to have one in a jar, Mimi was finding the first largest thing that I could use to kill him ~ the spider not Mr. Cable Man! The picture above is not Mimi's Black Widow ~ do you think Mimi even thought about her camera??? NOOOOOO!! I just borrowed this one off the web.

All night, Mimi could feel something crawling on her so, needless to say, it was a sleepless night. Today the other spider webs all came down Halloween or not!

But do you girls remember the zipper spider that lived by Mimi's back door at the country acre? Every year at this time, that little ole zipper spider built his web between the 2 shrubs and everyday Mimi would tear it down while he wasn't on it. The next morning when Mimi would go outside to drink her coffee on my little brick patio, there was the web right back with Mr. Zipper sitting there laughing at me.

Say "Hello" to Mr. Zipper.

Isn't he pretty? Much prettier than that ole Black Widow, don't you think? This Mr. Zipper actually lived at the A girls house for several years. Mimi took this picture to send to the C girls last year because they don't have Zipper Spiders at their house and, so far, Mimi hasn't found one on the city acre. Somewhere in my 'hole' I have a picture of my Mr. Zipper but who knows if we'll ever see it again.

Have ya'll ever seen a Black Widow spider up close? Mimi hadn't before yesterday and that was one time too many. But you don't have to worry about coming to visit Mimi because that ole Black Widow is just one little ole brown spot on the driveway. Mimi just squashed him as Mr. Cable Man said, "I can't believe you just did that." Well, sir, just go find your own black widow for YOUR decorations!

Sure hope some little trick or treater doesn't dress up like a Black Widow! Watch what box you open, girls!!


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  1. Oh, my! I have never seen a black widow in person, but I always look carefully when I am moving pots around on the porch or poking around in the garage! Scary! I like your Zipper spider, though, very determined!