Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final Farewell to Fall . . .

Most of the beautiful fall season was a blur . . . but the final week of Thanksgiving was a gloriously fun time of family, friends, food and fellowship ~ what more could one ask for?

Granddaddy and I were extremely blessed again to have all our babies home for the weekend.  We realized just how lucky and blessed we were when we were told that many of our friends' children were not able to be home for the holiday.  Thank you, sweet children, for the extra effort it takes each holiday to make this happen!!

Now, just a little recap of our wonderful time together . . .

tables ready and waiting

The A girls arrived early to help with dinner preparations ~ a great big THANKS to Mande, Beth, Carolyn, Danielle, and Michelle for all the great food you brought!!  Mimi felt like she wasn't doing anything this year but it sure felt good to be able to relax.

the "littles"

the "middles"

the "bigs" ~ at least the female variety

a "big" and an "oldie"

Then Friday night it was party time all over again as Mimi and Granddaddy hosted the annual "K and D" reunion.  Only problem with "annual" is that it had been 11 years since the last one.  Gran and Pop would have been so upset with us but at least we were able to start again!!  Thanksgiving weekend worked much better than trying to work in a Christmas event ~~ all the college kids were home but we were so sorry that Charlsey couldn't make it home this time.

A few pictures to make the memories last . . .

Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynda

Sorry Mimi didn't get pictures of all the little cousins but you were so busy getting to know each other and playing that I just missed you ~ maybe Sherry has some for the scrapbook!!

Good night my sweeties! Hope visions of sugarplums are dancing in your heads!!


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