Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veteran's Day Birthday

What better way could Granddaddy have celebrated his November 11th birthday than with all his littles?

We decided to make a quick trip north for the weekend after first detouring to the south to pick up the A girls for a "Cousins Weekend" to celebrate Granddaddy's birthday.  It was a late start on Friday since we were leaving after AG's ballet class; but there was plenty of time for fun on Saturday!

As always, anything that involves the girls is busy, busy!  Saturday morning found us at Cybie's last soccer match of the season . . .

Getting her "Great Job" speech from Daddy before he left for his "Wiley Cup" golf tournament.  Isn't he looking good in his Saturday team uniform of white shirt and black pants?  Of course, his mommy thinks so!!

Celebrating the win with our little soccer champ!
Sorry about no bows in their hair but Mimi had them all bundled up in boggin's and gloves cause it was cold in those hills.

After a birthday celebration lunch for Granddaddy at Frank Allen's it was home to play for a while.  Haven't heard that many giggles since Cousins Camp ~ sure sounded good, though!!

The afternoon brought CJ's first basketball game of the winter . . .

AG made a "Go Campbell" sign for the middles to hold up.  They yelled for her so loud that she finally looked up and saw the sign ~ a big grin from her then quickly back to business.  AG even wrote a cheer that can be seen on the back.  After CJ saw the sign, the girls got busy cheering and clapping their hands.  Sweet Baby A got a little confused and started yelling "Go Georgia" but that was okay because the DAWGS were playing after all.  Mimi almost dumped Baby A in the floor when CJ stole the ball and drove down for a layup.  Way to go, CJ!!  You may be the youngest on the team, but you sure don't play like it!!

Speaking of the DAWGS, the A girls Mommy and Daddy represented us at the game cheering those DAWGS to the best victory yet!!  Way to tear it up between the hedges and answer the question of "Just how good are those DAWGS?"

Well, Monday morning is THE BIG morning.  While ya'll are getting ready for school, Mimi will be having her thyroid surgery and she sure could use lots of sweet prayers!

Good night my little ones!  Mimi loves you all the muches in the whole wide world and even to the moon and back!!!  To keep me calm while I'm waiting on the doctor, I'll keep replaying those sweet giggles over and over in my head.  Can't wait to hear them again in person when Mr. Tom Turkey comes calling!!


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  1. Well, you made it Mimi! And the Dr. had nothing but great things to say. God is SO GOOD! You will even be going home today in a little bit. Adelynn were so happy to spend a little time with you this morning before you went back. God sent you a wonderful doctor and I am so thankful I will not be completely responsible for Tom Turkey Day while you were recovering! Granny knew I was not ready for that task yet so she made she you didn't get too many days off :-) I must do better with training this year!! We love you millions of times over!