Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Turkeys . . .

are having birthdays this week . . .

Sweet AG is 8 today!!

Not sure how that could be possible!
Happy 8th Birthday to our prima ballerina!!

and . . .

Our beautiful daughter-in-law, Beth, is having a birthday tomorrow!!
Here's my pretty girls celebrating last year on Tom Turkey Day!!

Happy Birthday, Beth!!

We love the birthday girls all the muches!!!!!!

Of course, Mimi couldn't let the opportunity to brag on her DAWGS pass so . . .

How 'bout them DAWGS!!!!!
SEC Champs ~ Way to go!!!!!!

These two cuties were celebrating the victory.
Think they're more excited, though, to be home for Thanksgiving with their families!
I know their families are sure excited!!

Now a little update on Mimi ~

thyroid surgery went well and for the most part the pathology report was good ~ nothing malignant in the nodule that was removed but pathologist found a small malignancy in another part of the lobe that was removed.  Hopefully, it was the only one.  But, for now, it's a wait and see game plan.  Only 4 months until another CAT scan on the lung to check on that nodule.  I know God has a plan in all of this and that whatever the plan is or the results of that plan, His name will be glorified.

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