Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Mommy's Birthday

"Mimi, do you know whose birthday is tomorrow?"
"Do you know how old she is?"
Nine years ago, we "adopted" the sweetest young lady into our family when Matt got married. She quickly became a very important and very much loved part of our family.

I remember being so excited to finally meet you after hearing all Matt had told us about you. You were everything we imagined and more! The first time we met your parents for dinner, I knew we were destined to all become family ~ it was just like we had known each other for years. Pop knew from the very beginning you were the one for Matt and was probably the most excited when ya'll became engaged . . . he always wanted the best for his boy! He certainly got that in you!

You're always up for whatever 'crafty' project I have planned and join in all of our 'wacky' traditions without missing a beat!

See, you can even be seen wearing a DAWG shirt on occasion (don't kill me!) And you were even all smiles when your Christmas Eve gift was an autographed picture of Vince Dooley. Isn't it ironic that his son is now YOUR coach? I think the biggest tribute to our relationship was when you asked me to stay with ya'll the first week after Campbell was born. I knew then that you did consider me a "mama" and I was really honored!

You and Matt have given us the gift of two beautiful granddaughters that we love dearly; but more than that, you have given them the gift of a Christian home with loving, caring parents.

You always go out of your way to make sure Danny and I are included in everything your family does. How I cherish the memories of experiencing Disney World for the 1st time through Campbell's eyes! The only thing that could make our relationship better is if ya'll just lived next door (like our neighbors behind us); but, I know that isn't possible and am very grateful you're only a few hours drive away with your family close by in case ya'll need something quickly.

You and Mande have always gotten along so well even from the very beginning. People often ask if ya'll are sisters or Matt and Jon the brothers when they're trying to figure out our family; it is a little funny that Jon and Matt looked so much alike in baby pictures and you and Mande look very similar now. She's even taken up your favorite hobby ~ running!

You and Matt have never seemed to have some of the problems alot of marriages face (or else I never knew about them); for that I am very grateful. I know things haven't always been perfect ~ no marriage ever is ~ but I do know that ya'll are both committed to each other and working at anything that arises. I think you might both just be stubborn enough to never accept defeat, do you reckon? Hope so anyway!!

Beth, we're so thankful for you and the joy you bring to this family.

Happy Birthday!!

We love you all the muches!!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter-in-law. She sounds like a very special lady.