Monday, September 19, 2011

Retired, Famous, and Rich

Oh, yes, that is SOOOOOO us right now . . .


Only thing is Granddaddy said he didn't bargain for this type of RETIREMENT.

words from a man who had just finished 18 holes of golf before starting this "little" project

Just in case my bigs are thinking, "Poor Daddy ~ Mama's To Do List now includes him" ~ Mimi hasn't handed over even one, no not one, "list" ~ and has not even asked him to do anything (yet!)  After all it's only been 2 months and besides, if I gave him a chore, I'd have to supervise and I'd rather . . .

enjoy my RETIREMENT time having extra coffee on the deck and fires on cool nights ~

guess that's why I got so much more accomplished when I worked . . . still have my lists but every new day seems to be filled with yesterday's plans.  Where are all the check marks?

 * AND NOW, how are we FAMOUS, you ask . . .????? *

We'll have to "thank" Granddaddy for that one . . . you see, he's officially qualified (the paper said it so it has to be true) to run for Mayor of our little town and guess what ~ ~ ~ no one else qualified . . . sooooo, come January Granddaddy will be sworn in as an "elected" official.  Now how's that for retirement?  And guess what that makes Mimi ~ the friendly folks all over town are calling me the "first lady" ~~ how's that for famous?  Some sweet neighbor even suggested I needed to get better "gardening" clothes for working out in the yard and I really needed a cute straw hat and a new convertible.  Well, I have some old straw hats and a few visors that I can't remember to take with me sooooo I'm thinking I'll just take the convertible but where would I put all the car seats?  If ya'll come driving up and don't recognize the gardener, rest assured it's just "Mimi the First Lady" in her new gardening wardrobe!  I'm sure the flowers will notice, don't you?

We're retired, true; probably will never really be that famous except in our own little niche of the woods (Mimi's just praying it's the good famous); but we're certainly RICH . . .

the truly blessed way to be rich!

Besides anyone who is retired knows you can't use rich and retired in the same sentence about the same people, right? well, not in this family anyway!

But precious family, great friends and a Heavenly Father who daily blesses us much, much more than we deserve are the only things that truly matter, the only things that one can count as gain.

*     *     *     *     *

Seriously, we're loving that Granddaddy's RETIRED, too, so there's time to piddle around the house doing projects we claim to despise, time to both babysit at a moment's notice, time to travel (just not too far or for too long), and just time to get to know each other again 'cause like it or not, we've changed a little since marriage, babies, and work happened--yes, I'll say it . . . since we grew old.  I'll admit Mimi was a little worried about having someone else in the house ALL the time but it's been wonderful . . . so far anyway!!

we really are excited, I promise
I think Granddaddy was just a little afraid of Blackbeard!

*     *   *

Now the FAMOUS part is yet to be seen . . . ask me again next July.  But, if you try to call me and the number has been disconnected, you'll already know the answer.

*     *     *

The RICH part, oh yea!!
We're loving that part with our PRICELESS GRANDCHILDREN!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Won't be posting much since these retirees have a very busy 2 weeks planned but Mimi will be back soon with some fun memories for ya'll!!

Love you to the moon and back!!


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