Thursday, September 8, 2011

Like Father, Like Son . . .

~ The Possum Encounter ~

Girls, I think I have told you the story of Granddaddy, Miss Gigi and the possum, haven't I?  If not or if you can't remember, here's a little highlight.

Mimi heard something on the deck late one night.  Gigi was making a pitiful sound.  When I flipped on the light, I saw THE possum, so I woke Granddaddy so he could handle it.  When Granddaddy goes out, Miss Gigi runs in her little house.  Granddaddy starts trying to "shooo" the possum off the deck with a broom but instead of leaving, Mr. Possum runs into Gigi's house right on top of her.  Out comes Gigi but the possum stays.  Granddaddy slides the house around, rocks it but Mr. Possum stays put.  UNTIL, Granddaddy picks up the house from the back side and flips it up.  Out comes Mr. Possum who finally runs off the deck.  Quite a sight for the neighbors if they were awake, I'm sure!

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WELL, . . .

tonight while I was talking with Matt, he retells his Possum Adventure from the night before.  About 1:30 Sampson starts barking and Beth discovers something must be behind his doghouse.  She wakes Matt who goes out armed with a broom and golf club (with no shirt and only his short pjs on) to take care of things.  They put Sampson in the garage and Matt goes after "the intruder" with the broom.  While he's punching away behind the doghouse, Beth realizes the intruder is a possum and asks, "Aren't they blind?"  To which Matt replied, "Well, if they are, that makes it a fair fight, 'cause I can't see a thing" which had been pretty obvious to Beth since he was not even hitting the bushes, much less the possum.

What he forgot to do was put in his contacts!
Since he's as blind as his mama, I know he couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

Amid much laughter (Beth's not Matt's), they think the possum finally ran off because after they let Sampson out, he got in his house and never made another peep.  Beth, on the other hand, was still laughing at Matt this morning.  I can just picture Matt thrashing around with the broom and golf club in hand.  Someone asked him today what he would have done if the possum came after him.  He replied, "Probably nothing since I couldn't see it . . . it could have eaten my nose off before I could have ever seen it to swing the club."  Yep, like father, like son!!  Well, maybe it is like mama, like son in the eye department.

Hope your neighbors were sound asleep!!!

Motto:  Please put your eyes in before going off to battle!

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