Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Problem Solved

Well, half way, anyway.

At least, Mimi can now remember how many grandgirls I have.
Maybe I can count when I can't remember!

But you know Mimi never forgets that really; it's just sometimes I do call ya'll by the wrong names.  Right?  Gracious, I even call ya'll by your mama's and daddy's names; but usually I do put "little" in front of the name when you are reminding me so much of them.

No. 1

 No. 2

No. 3

No. 4 

No. 5

Just thought ya'll might like to see Mimi's Sewing Project from last week since every night you always want to know "What did you do today, Mimi?"  Guess I should be working on those Halloween/Thanksgiving outfits I have patiently waiting to be cut and embroidered.  Soon, I promise!

Don't think the swing will be the permanent home for the pillows; but it works for now . . . at least Miss Gigi can't lay on them since they're standing.

Your busy schedules are making Mimi's head spin this week.  Hope you're having fun during all the running, dancing, batting, dribbling, making music and just being silly girls!!

Love you to the moon and back!!


ps:  forgot to add that I have a cute little idea for another project using my Fabulous Five Numbers ~ can't wait to get that underway!!

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  1. Love the pillow. Your "girls" are absolutely beautiful!