Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights

are shining down on our newest member of the "Boys of Fall"

and are we ever proud!!

Pate is now a FRESHMAN in high school.  How in the world did that happen?  Guess it only makes sense if Taylor is a sophomore at UGA.  As a freshman, he's actually 3rd string QB on Friday nights.  That's okay cause he's there, he's learning and "he's paying his dues."  B.U.T.  he's the JV starting Quarterback on Thursday nights ~ following in the footsteps of his daddy and his cousin Matt-Matt.

Pate, don't be mad . . . Aunt Sissy couldn't resist because I've seen this face soooo many times when I've brought out the camera!

Guess you were in a hurry to see this little cutie beside you.  Now I know she's not a girlfriend because you're just not old enough to have one of those yet!!  You hear??

Like that smile much better!

Hope this makes up for Aunt Sissy missing your birthday post!!

 Middle School QB ~ love that number!

 Yes, . . . a 3-season athlete!

And where can you be found in the summer when you're not at summer league baseball or basketball or football camp?

Fishing, of course!!  Quite a good one, too, from the looks of the catch!!

Paw started you early and taught you well!

Wow, just look at the difference between the 2005 picture and this year's vacation pics?

The Athlete and The Musician
Best Buddies ~ Aunt Sissy's Boys!!

Don't know about ya'll but I sure would like to still be fixing those after-school pancakes that you loved so much, going on little after-school excursions like to your favorite Indian house, or swimming with you in the pool, or any number of those wonderful things we did those years I picked you both up from school.  I wouldn't trade those memories for anything ~ I'm so glad I retired in time to enjoy you before you grew up on me!!!!

Aunt Sissy loves you both to the moon and back!!!!

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