Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Mimi did make it back home in time for Sunrise Service and to cook Easter Lunch.

God's beautiful sunrise!

With the sun coming up as we sang "Christ the Lord is Risen Today," Mimi felt like she might have if I could have been present on Resurrection Sunday.

As usual, after Easter services, all the family gathered on the Acre for lunch and Easter egg hunts.  Except we were missing 4 very special members this Easter ~ the C girls and their Mommy and Daddy decided to leave early for the beach since the Cincinnati basketball tournament was cancelled.  But they did get to hunt Easter eggs and have their own private Easter morning service.

Love those glasses, Cybie!

Meanwhile back home in Georgia the day before, the A girls were hunting eggs . . .

with their friends . . .

after having Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the club.

Guess what????

Cybie & Adelynn

found the GOLDEN Eggs!!!!!

Guess it was all that coaching from Granddaddy?

Between Sunrise Service and Sunday School, Mimi dashed home and hid the eggs so ya'll would be ready to hunt as soon as lunch was over.  But first, it was lunch on the deck for ya'll . . .

Yes, Will was a little late and ya'll were starved.

The hunt . . .

Poised to listen to the directions.

This year we changed the rules ~
each little hunted for only one color of eggs and there were 2 prize eggs.

Didn't Granddaddy's new grass make the perfect place to hunt the eggs?

Guess we won't be planting another garden this year.


The winners ~

And the big littles who thought they were too big to hunt eggs

Mimi's 3 Boys plus Sweet Jess

We sure missed the ones who were off playing with the Easter Bunny at the beach, Aunt Lynn who was celebrating her birthday with her family, and Lindsay.

Hope everyone had a very . . .

celebrating our Risen Savior!!

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