Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just a Tad of Easter

In one short week, the Easter bunny will come hopping on the Acre and Mimi has just now gotten up a few decorations.  Boy, I've just been too busy celebrating birthdays, watching you monkeys, and playing in the dirt to do much decorating.

Seems Mimi has tons and tons of Christmas decorations with Easter decor running a close 2nd. But since half our family will be away this year, Mimi chose to just add a few signs of spring around.

Come on in and take a quick look . . .

Welcome to the Entry

That yummy candle is called "Sweet Tea" and is the most deliciously Southern scent!

Look, Mimi found the tassels I made 2 years ago . . . you know, the ones I looked high and low for last spring!  But the other one is still not hanging . . . guess he won't be this year again.
Just added 2 of my little bunnies and the banner from Mande's "Monogram Monkey" business 2 years ago.
Sorry about the glare.

Do you think we can get Mimi a new portrait this summer of all 5 of you?

One of the little Dollar Tree birds I painted with a homemade nest adorns a table in the living room.
The Monkey's little finger print egg tree
~ guess we'll skip that tradition for this year ~

Chocolate bunny guarding the oven

A new little duckie soap waits on ya'll in the "bug" bath

Keeping it simple on the table . . .

Just added my rabbit weathervane and the bunny napkins I embroidered when I first got my machine ~ didn't even change the placemats.  Hopefully, I'll spruce it up a little more before Easter lunch.  After the pollen leaves, Mr. Bunny will move out to the front porch.

Another bunny and nest ~ Mimi really got into the nest-making mode 2 years ago, didn't I?
See the cute little burlap "P" tag Mande 'crafted' me for my birthday?  Beth, you got one, too!!

Mimi found this cute little bunny idea on another blog but, you know Mimi, she hops around so from blog to blog, she just can't give credit where credit is due ~ maybe I'll find it again.  But the girl had taken a page from an old hymnal, cut out a bunny silhouette, and came up with this cute picture.  When I read her description, I remembered somewhere downstairs was an old hymnal that came from Gran and Pop's house . . . and there you have it.  But since I was making multiples, I just copied the page and left Gran's hymnal in tact.  You're welcome, girls!!

Back door friends are Best!

Mimi finally got around to stuffing moss in the bare spots on this cheap little wreath ~ you know it bugged me for years seeing that green foam down in there but not any more!

Don't you just love my large wooden carrot Ms. D gave me for my birthday!!  Yes, Mimi had to add her brown burlap ribbon to it!

Now for God's beautiful decoration . . .

The azaleas have been just beautiful this year.

If you look closely in the upper left corner, you might can see just a flash of white from the white azaleas.  For some reason, they are later this year.  Last year only the daffodils were blooming and the azaleas were the Mother's Day decorations . . . very warm early spring.

And, of course, Mimi had to pick some for my night stand . . .

and the island . .  .

Now, ya'll just enjoy this beauty til Mimi returns . . .

yes, this birthday girl is beach bound ~ toes in the sand and face in the sun!!
But I will be home just in time for Sunrise Service and the Easter Bunny!

Oh, Happy Days!!


  1. Love your rabbits! Could you tell me where you found your rabbit weather vane?

  2. Kelsey, the bunny weather vane was a gift from my daughter and all I know is that it came from a little shop in her home town that has since gone out of business. I'm so sorry!