Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tuesday we were blessed to have a little visitor to the Acre . . .

Sweet Baby A came up to spend the night.

She had to check out the flowers

and play a little golf because Granddaddy was off playing golf.

Then today . . .

Sweet Josie spent the day.

The most favorite thing to do was play on the "playground" but it's hard for Mimi to take pictures and push swings so hopefully ya'll can remember those fun times and also the cookie baking experience.

Of course, silly faces are a must!

Thanks for brightening Mimi's week, sweet girls!!

And . . .

This Mama Robin built her nest while Mimi was off to the beach last week.  I tried to tell her before I left that Granddaddy wouldn't like it if she built there.  Guess she wasn't afraid of him.  Adelynn said she was "wooking" at her with a mean face.  Mimi thinks it's a "stay away from my nest" face.  Either way, I'm amazed at how perfect the nest is ~ before I left there were just 3 little long twigs up there and you can still see 2 of them flapping in the wind.  Wish she wasn't so high up so we could see the eggs.  But it won't be long until we can hear those little chirps wanting food.

Hopefully, Mimi will get Spring Break pictures posted before the weekend is over.

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  1. Sweet girls, sweet times! Love the bird nest too!