Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess #4

It seems only yesterday Granddaddy and I took Campbell to see her new baby sister. Today The Baby turns THREE!
Cybil Elizabeth

Cybil, you have been a ball of fire from day 1. You have your Great Granny Sybil Aileen's black eyes which probably should have given us a clue that you'd be non-stop. Until recently, you didn't like to smile at all ~ it seemed as if you were pondering all about you. Now you flash that beautiful smile all the time. You're so much fun to be around and definitely keep Mimi hopping just to keep up. It's getting harder and harder for us to know which S'ville girl we're talking to, you sound so grown up on the phone. Here's a flashback from your little life ~~ as I re-live the memories created with these pictures, I wish I could make time stand still and keep all of you little for just a while longer.

You and your "Sissy" are going to have a joint birthday party this year with lots of water slides and things. Won't that be fun? Mimi and Granddaddy can't wait!!
Happy Birthday, Cybil ~ We love you all the muches!!!

ANOTHER MAY BIRTHDAY before I forget ~~

Kaleb Avery turned 7 on May 13. At only 6 weeks older than Campbell, he's the 3rd ameigo in the older group and when someone asks about my grandchildren, the girls make sure I always include Kaleb ~ "No, Mimi, you have one boy, Kaleb." And, they're right--just like your Mommy was 'the same as mine.'

Happy Belated Birthday, Kaleb!! Aunt Sissy and Uncle Man love you!

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