Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Than Green

Two posts in one day ~~ boy, for someone who started this little adventure at the nudging of my daughter a year ago and so far has only 3 posts, I'm on a roll today. But you know, if we don't hurry the flowers will fade.

At this point in my life, one of my greatest passions is my garden. As soon as the frost fades, I'm out early and in late ~ pulling weeds, feeding and talking to my plants, and walking and talking with my dear sweet Savior. I find it much easier to hear Him speak to me out in His creation. Of course, dear hubby says that what I'm really doing is "moving most of the plants before they set up house." Bless his heart, he'll never understand that is what makes one a true gardener -- not that I'm one by any means. My love for growing things was passed down from my sweet momma who inherited it from her precious momma--my Granny. Oh, the walks we've had in their gardens! As we begin our stroll through the acre, please enjoy my daddy's favorite song ~~ In The Garden.

I think Miss Phyllis would be proud of my clematis this year. Its blooms cover the column at the end of the retaining wall.

And aren't the pink azaleas just gorgeous?

As you can see, there's lots of color just popping out all over at the acre. Most of these beautiful plants either came with me when we moved from our "country acre" 4 years ago, from my momma's and daddy's house, or were shared with me by wonderful friends. My little spot on God's beautiful earth has come along way in 4 short years. If I could find my "before" photos in "THE ROOM," you could see the progress. There's still alot to be done; but, for now, I do enjoy just sitting a spell and taking in all the beautiful sights and scents.

But, it's getting late, so let's go in for our afternoon tea. Here, just smell this gorgeous climbing rose that my Granny rooted for me many years ago. Isn't it heavenly? Now don't ask me its name ~~ I just call it "Millie" for my Granny Mildred. It covers the arbor at the entrance to my back garden.

As we go through the garden gate, I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from a wonderful Southern gardener--Dr. Dirt, a Mississippi Gardener:

“We came from dirt and we’re going back to dirt . . . meanwhile I’m just diggin’ it.”

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