Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miracle Moments

Last night as I was trying to find a document in my Word files, I came across this title, "My Miracle Moments." I couldn't remember typing it; so, I opened it. What I found was a sweet surprise at the end of a busy day. Apparently, I had tried to keep a record of my Miracle Moments for my children and grandchildren. But like most of my feeble attempts at this, it ended almost as quickly as it began. Maybe, I'll give it another try because at my age, trying to remember even my name is getting harder and harder!!
If you have time, enjoy a few of my Miracle Moments from 2009 ~~

My Miracle Moments Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today gold finches were eating from the bird food Anna Grace and Ailee “baked” for them. Spring is really coming!! How I love the flutter of yellow!! Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Decided to make a visit to Mom & Dad’s to see what was blooming. I wasn’t disappointed!! As I turned up the drive, the sea of yellow and white daffodils engulfed me while the forsythia along the street blew yellow streams of Momma & Daddy’s love all over me. Of course, the south-side yard was a field of white from the bushes Momma always called “Baby’s Breath.” They would be so proud of their yard right now—the only thing missing are the red tulips coming up in the circle by the lamppost. Those naughty squirrels shouldn’t have carried away all the bulbs. Thanks, Momma & Daddy, for instilling in me the love of flowers and beautiful yards (although mine will NEVER compare to yours)!! Sunday, March 15, 2009 As I was eating my “dessert” after church today, a beautiful blue bird lit on my chimes hanging from the downstairs deck, then flew up to the upstairs railing. Oh, how I love those blue birds and had worked so hard to get them at our other house. Thank you, Jesus.

Hopefully, I'll do a little better with this blogging thing. After all, that's the reason I'm giving it a try. My momma was always making little notes about important things that happened during the day, special events or just her little miracle "Thank you, Jesus" moments. To see these now in her handwriting brings back such sweet memories and I can even hear her voice as if she were reading them to me. That's what I'm hoping to leave to my children and the fabulous five with these entries.

And, speaking of special events ~~ we had 2 "graduations" today!! More on these later.

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