Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 15 . . . The Wedding

Saturday was a busy day ~ first, the A Girl's dance recital in Cartersville; then off to Dallas for the wedding. How could it be that my little nephew, David, has grown up and now taken a bride?
A small chance of rain was forecast but at 6:00 the sky was a beautiful shade of blue with a slight breeze . . . perfect weather for an outside wedding. As I watched David and my brother walk in, visions of him as a baby, toddler, high school baseball player and UGA grad flashed through my head. Now this handsome young man waits on his beautiful bride.
To each of the fabulous five, Jessica was every bit of the princess they pretend to be. Ailee was so excited to be "granted a dance" by our very own live princess.
Sweet Josie was the flower girl. She almost made it all the way but got distracted by one of the beautiful roses that lined the walkway. Isn't she so cute rolling in the grass?

Best Wishes for a wonderful and long life together. We love you both!!!!

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