Monday, September 27, 2010

House Guest, Golf, and a Few Prizes

Very busy weekend on the acre, girls!! We had a visitor . . . yes, Mimi's baby boy came for a visit all by himself! Well, actually, he came to play in a golf tournament but we were just glad to see him for whatever reason ~ two-on-one time that doesn't happen often enough! I think only 1 other time in 9 years has he come all by himself, usually there's 2 little girls and their mommy along. We really missed them this weekend, along with the other family and all their girls that is usually here when "the son" is.

My handsome son, the agent

On Sunday, after church, Mimi went along with Granddaddy to watch he and his friend play the last few holes. We even got a cart and rode along . . . quietly behind . . . now how hard do you think that was for Mimi . . . the quiet part? You're right ~ hard; but the hardest part was watching him play and not being able to "cheer" like when he played football or baseball. When he raised his arms to swing, Mimi's heart would almost stop until we knew where the ball landed (of course, Mimi couldn't follow it so Granddaddy had to whisper and tell me). I can't imagine following him the entire course . . . whew!!! I was a nervous wreck by the time they knew their scores; guess they probably were, too. But they finished 2nd!!!! YAY!!!!! Now I can yell! They beat all the "local boys" ~ can Mimi say PROUD!!
Guess what the 3 of us did Saturday night? Yep, we watched those Dawgs ~~ I know, not much to see but notice Mimi's still flying her flag!! And, yes, I know Beth . . . the big orange won. Did you like your prize?

I really like mine and Mande's better, but I had to be fair and put a little orange in the one going north!

Mimi did alot of "piddling" while the game was on trying to finish some little Halloween & Fall gifts to send back to the girls with Daddy and to the girls in the other direction this week. Here's a little peek ~ Hope all you girls and your mamas liked Mimi's little surprises!!

Craftaholic Anonymous had something similar on her blog; and, since I already had the cheap black chargers, I was a copycat. (Got to learn how to keep the flash from making things blurry)

Loved the little girl scarecrow for all my little monkeys! I sure am glad I found a way to use all my scrap ribbons and trim!

And, monkeys, when you get tired of wearing these . . . you can eat them!!

Aren't these bracelets just the cutest things? Kierste from brown paper packages made some and gave the best tutorial. Check it out here. Just scroll down until you find them, she has lots of great ideas for you to enjoy along the way. Of course, Mimi shared the idea with my two crafting friends & we 3 made a mad dash for pumpkin candy. Wonder who ate the most while making the bracelets?

But tonight Cybil told me she had broken her bracelet already (that coming for a little one who put a hole in the living room wall & colored in magic marker on her pillowcase while daddy was away) . . . why is Mimi not surprised? Was it an accident or were you ready to eat your candy? Either way, don't cry little one, Mimi will make you another one and send it right away!

And guess what else made this weekend special ~ Mimi won her first-ever blog giveaway prize this weekend!!! I did, I really did win something!!!!! Not only was this the first blog giveaway win, it was very close to the ONLY thing Mimi has ever won. Miss Janice from Ettiquette with Miss Janice was giving away the cutest little _ _ _ _ _ (shhhhh, it's a secret). I have followed Miss Janice for a while 'cause I want to make sure I'm teaching ya'll to be proper Southern Belles the most proper way. Mamas, you can go here (scroll down one entry) to see what I won but don't show the girls. Didn't Miss Janice say the sweetest things about your Mimi? Now that you're back, I know you're wondering exactly what I'm going to do . . . 1 prize and 5 little princesses. Well, in my comment to win, I chose another of my special little girls, Miss Emily, to be the recipient. You remember little Emily whose daddy is in Iraq, the one I made the yellow-ribbon dress and skirt for . . . yes, isn't she sweet? We're going to bake her daddy some cookies while she's wearing it; but she doesn't know yet. And, of course, since Miss Janice told where she got it, Mimi's headed that way to try to find enough for the princesses and their mommies so they can do the baking for their Halloween parties together. Wish me luck since I have to go into another state to get to Home Goods!! But still don't tell the girls!

Since Mimi's going to be out of pocket this week, I brought down most of the fall/halloween decorations and did a little early decorating today. While I was trying to explain something to Mande, she reminded me that ya'll don't usually see my Halloween decorations; so, I'll have to do something about that during the next few weeks starting now . . . just a peek tonight . . . and we'll start with the front porch. (I'm saving the big picture until later.)

Here's some close ups. Mimi just noticed I have to go straighten the wreath! Of course, the metal witch like ya'll have is on the top step just waiting on the mums for her bucket ~ maybe she'll get them this week. Now if I can just keep Miss Gigi off the pillows! As usual, I'll be adding more along; Mimi can't quit 'addin' until the holiday is over!

Hopefully, each week until Halloween Mimi can show you a little bit more. But, that's it for now . . . time's a wastin' as Granny would say. Lots of halloween outfits to make yet, and, you know that since this is my favorite season, there's lots more crafting projects in the works. Hopefully, there'll be time for pictures before we move on to the next holiday!

Good night, my little monkeys!!
Although Mimi will be 'out of pocket,' I'll take time to talk to ya'll every night! XOXOXOXOXO ~ Mimi


  1. First of all...your son is very handsome! (Of course, he's young enough to be MY son) I love all the goodies going to the girls and love the Autumn deco photos. Good luck trying to find more of the aprons.

  2. Love those cute bracelets! Those Halloween plates are fabulous too!!! I absolutely love your "boo" pumpkins on the wreath...So many cute fall and Halloween decorations!
    So glad you came by for a visit :)

  3. Hi!! I found your blog through other blogs :) Can you please tell me how you put the "boo" on your pumpkins?? I want to do monograms on my pumpkins, but not sure what to get or what to do and yours is exactly what I am looking for! Thank you!

  4. JoAnn, I made my vinyl monograms the old-fashioned way ~ printed the letters on my computer the size & style I wanted, outlined them on the back of my vinyl (from HobbyLobby); then cut them out and stuck them on. I did them last year and they're still fine this year. Can't remember the fonts I used, but should be easy to find them if you need me to. Good luck ~ I would love to see pictures of yours.

  5. Love all your crafts. They look great. Could you tell me where you found your Happy Halloween sign for your plate? Thank you

  6. Well, I completed my "BOO" pumpkins and I am pretty proud! :) I ended up buying real pumpkins, and using a stencil to paint them on with acrylic paint. My sweet husband helped me put sticks in them so they stacked nice and neat! I would love to show you a picture...Could I email it to you?