Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally . . . Trick or Treat Fun on the Acre

Can you believe it is already November 2? I certainly can't!! So, before too much more time has past, Mimi wants to show you all the fun we had on Trick or Treat night in our little town.
Come on in, we were expecting you!
The fun started with our Pre-Halloween Dinner Party on the acre with several of our neighbors dropping by (we missed those who decided to skip town this year). We started this several years ago when Halloween fell on a week night. Since most of the neighbors worked & wouldn't have time to eat, Mimi & Granddaddy decided to give them a little treat. They all drop by for dinner, then dash off to hand out their treats. Miss Darlene & Mr. Wendell hosted last year.

What Halloween Party would be complete without Dracula and His Bride?

Mimi rearranged a few of the decorations before the party. Notice our pumpkins were all dressed & ready to trick or treat, too. Remember Mimi's Tutu candles from last year ~ Mimi got so carried away making your Tutu Trick or Treat Buckets I had to have something Tutu. Mimi thought she had gotten rid of those pesky ole spiders but they kept showing up everywhere, even on the food!

Mimi used the spider web tablecloth to add a little "spook" to the dessert bar.
Here's the Menu for the evening ~

Even our water was special for this night. Look at that beautifully delicious chocolate cake Miss Nell brought and what about Miss Sandra's cinnamon rolls? Both were yummy!!! The night was a little cool making Mimi's Brunswick Stew a hit. The witch's brew was tasty, too. Mimi's cupcakes had a surprise filling ~ they made quite a treat.

These Pumpkin Truffles (recipe from brownpaper--packages) were delicious. Since ya'll love Mimi's Red Velvet Balls, I know you will love these.

Guess what these guys were watching after dinner? Of course, our beloved DAWGS were playing those stinking ole Gators ~ notice Granddaddy was missing . . . the little spooks had already begun ringing the bell!

The game didn't turn out like we had hoped but it sure was exciting to watch. You know G-Dawg was glued to the TV instead of handing out candy until it was over. Then he joined me in the golf cart at the end of the drive. Wasn't Mr. Greenjeans so smart to suggest that we load everything up in it and sit out there? Sure made for an easier night. Wish he had thought of it earlier so Mimi would have had time to decorate it more ~ but just wait til next year!!

The ole black cat treated 325 + little goblins who were brave enough to stroll down our dark and spooky street. (Look at Mimi's whiskers ~ I didn't even notice until I started to take off my makeup late that night even though Granddaddy said that he asked, "Wearing your whiskers a little low aren't you?" One cute teenage goblin even said my cat ears made me look sexy . . . Mimi's thinking she had already eaten too much chocolate!) Sweet Josie decided she needed to sit for her picture and to eat her candy.

Wasn't she a beautiful butterfly princess?

The jack-o-lanterns that lined the street around our yards were certainly inviting don't you think? Mimi took this picture of Miss Darlene's from the golf cart but trick or treaters came before I got a picture of ours. Just imagine them all around the culdesac.

The next morning Mimi enjoyed a warm cinnamon roll with my pumpkin spice coffee before starting the big switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving decorations, all the while thinking of new ways to be ready for those little goblins next year. From the excited descriptions of your Halloween fun, it sounds like we all had a blast. Now just don't get sick eating all that candy!!!!


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  1. I just love all of your decor!!! Your porch is lovely!!!