Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Violin

For Christmas 2010, AG really wanted a violin.  Of course, because she had been such a very good girl, Santa brought her one just her size.  What a happy little girl!

She began lessons in January and has been an excellent student ~ maybe not always practicing as much as her Mommy and Daddy thinks she should but enough for her teacher, Mr. Brian.

And last night . . .
for Mimi's birthday, of course . . .

she played Amazing Grace for the 2nd grade talent show at her school!

Perfection to say the least!!

With a few tears sprinkling down my cheeks, Mimi just knew that your Great Gran was watching down on you and was so very proud!  You know that was her favorite song, too, and was sung at the funeral services for both she and Pop.

Great job, AG!!

Best friends with the best talents!!

Your violin performance and Miss K's acapella "God Bless the USA" were definitely Mimi's favorites of the night.  One day you and Taylor will have to perform a duet at one of our family get-togethers.  Mimi is certainly proud of you for being brave enough to perform in front of so many people.  YOU were AMAZING!!

Mimi and Granddaddy sure do have some talented grandbabies!!!

Today, CJ is trading her big orange round ball for a smaller white or yellow hard ball and bat.  Cybie has her 2nd soccer game with HipHop recital in 2 months.  Ailee is practicing the songs she's learned during her guitar lessons so that she'll be ready in 2 years for the 2nd grade talent show or maybe she'll perform a lyrical ballet routine.  Oh, I almost forgot . . . AG had tryouts for the next position in the ballet company this week.  And, of course, Sweet Baby A  . . . well, she's just being her cute little self  "playing" hard in her ballet classes.

Congratulations again, AG, for a job well done!!

Good luck, CJ and CE, in your games today!!

Now, Mimi's supposed to go somewhere and watch somebody do something . . . wonder which one it is and where I'm supposed to go?

Whew, hope I make it!!

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