Sunday, November 21, 2010

Babies, Birthdays, Basketball and Moving . . .

Whew!! It's been a wonderfully, wild weekend for the acre family. Here's just a little recap:

Babies . . .

Twenty something years ago, Granny started this tradition when she took Mande and Doodah (HopPop) to Babyland General to "adopt" their Cabbage Patch babies. Of course, Mimi had to continue this little tradition when she had fabulous granddaughters of her own. Mimi's rule is you have to be old enough to remember the adoption; so usually you get to go close to your 4th birthday. Until this weekend only Campbell and Anna Grace have become adoptive parents of beautiful baby girls who look just like them. But on Saturday . . .

Ailee Claire got to become a mommy, too!!

Here's Ailee with her hand raised reciting the adoption pledge in the "adoption room" with Dr. Josh before he had to dash out and make a delivery! Things were really hopping around there in their big, new beautiful hospital.
Making the trip to Babyland General with the A girls, their mama and Mimi was the mama's original Cabbage Patch headed back to "Bath Camp" for a little makeover. Anna Grace's little one had to go back to have surgery on her knee and foot. But she came through just fine and got to come home with us for Thanksgiving!!
Next summer Miss Cybie gets to adopt a little brown-eyed beauty and Campbell's "Cindy" will have to go back to "Bath Camp" for a little surgery and lots of clean up (She's been one loved baby!)
Congratulations, Ailee on your adoption of beautiful Alexandra born on your specially chosen day of September 1!

Birthdays . . .

After the long drive to Babyland General, we had a birthday party! Anna Grace will be 7 on November 22 and celebrated with all her friends at a special "baking" party. What fun but Mimi will post more about that on your special day so remember to look for the post!

We'll be celebrating another birthday over Thanksgiving since Beth has a birthday on November 23. Wow . . . birthday cake and Tom Turkey . . . what fun we have!! Granddaddy will be sporting his new "car" t-shirt the A girls surprised him with when we met them for dinner the week of his birthday as we blow out some candles for him with the "whole" family, too.
Basketball . . . Campbell's 2nd regular season game didn't quite turn out like the first one last week ~ sorry sweetie for the loss. Just keep working hard!! Moving . . . Now what's the chances that both sets of a parent's children would decide to sell their homes and buy new ones at the same time? Well, it happened on the acre . . .
Tonight the C girls and their mommy and daddy are sleeping in a brand new house that will quickly make the transition to "home." Mimi just can't wait to begin sewing new window treatments and anything else you girls might need. It's certainly beautiful and Mimi and Granddaddy are so proud for ya'll!!
Over Thanksgiving weekend, the A girls and their mommy and daddy will be packing their boxes for a move across town to a brand new home as well. It's also very beautiful, and Mimi knows she'll have fun helping with sewing and decorating there, too. We're so proud for ya'll, too!!
But . . . if, after Thanksgiving, you don't hear from Mimi for a while, you might ought to check in some of those boxes I'll be helping to unpack.
For now, I'm going to get busy on my baking . . . you know, Thanksgiving is this week!!

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