Monday, November 22, 2010

Seven Candles

Well, Anna Grace, today you are SEVEN and Mimi can't believe it!! But your missing 2 front teeth and long legs do give me a little hint . . . only yesterday you were . . .

A beautiful bundle of joy born on a fabulous November Saturday. Granddaddy and I were raking leaves on the country acre when we got the call from your mommy who was Christmas shopping ~ she was on the way to the doctor's office just to be checked. Then the call that she was on the way to the hospital and your daddy was hurrying over. "Should we leave now?" "No, just wait." Another call, "You might ought to go ahead and leave now." Quick call to Danielle so she, Pop and Aunt Lynn could get ready to come. Then, the quickest shower Mimi ever took and believe it or not, when we got to the hospital, I even had on shoes and my hair fixed; of course, makeup was put on in the car on the 2 hr. drive to the hospital. Ready or not, you were on your way!

You were home a few days before Thanksgiving so the whole family celebrated at your home thankful you were finally here. Well, not the 'whole' family because Uncle Matt Matt and Aunt Beth had to stay at their house because Campbell had RSV ~ Mammaw K took dinner over to them, though. See in the picture, Mimi even took Granny's turkeys so it would truly be "our" Thanksgiving!
You were beautiful and perfect!!

at least for the first few weeks . . . and then . . . oh, honey, we thought we'd brought the wrong baby home from your first checkup!

Your mommy and daddy became such "computer" experts on babies with "colic" and tried sooooo many different "fixes" ~ a bed that swung from the ceiling, a vacumn cleaner that ran until it finally couldn't (leaving a bald spot in the carpet), tanks and tanks full of gasoline for those long "soothing" drives, a dryer that also ran constantly with a baby carrier on top, and a broken spring in the mattress from so much bouncing . . . any and every thing that they read about we tried . . . but you still continued to cry. Mimi spent alot of hours just walking the floor with you because you were only calm if your mommy or Mimi were holding you.

Unfortunately, you had a serious problem with acid reflux which was discovered after many trips to the pediatrician and finally a trip to Scottish Rite and a specialist. Mimi and your mommy have talked often in the past 6 years about what that "specialist" told us about the development of your personality ~ he might have known what medicine to prescribe but he sure didn't know about you and God's Amazing Grace! I wish that "specialist" could see you now!!

Pink, Frilly, Girly are words that come to mind when I think about you. At times I think you look just like your Mommy; then again, maybe it's only your actions that remind me so much of her.

You are probably the one most sensitive to the feelings of others and always are the peace maker during Cousins' Camp. You have always wanted to pick up anyone walking on the side of the street and would gladly give away your last bite of food or clothing to someone in need ~ such a big heart for such a young girl. Except . . . there was this one time . . .

Just look at the expressions on your Mommy's and Uncle Matt Matt's faces as you pulled Campbell's hair. She didn't seem to mind, though!

You've been a "Dawg" since birth, always dressing in your red and black during football season and this year even your Upwards cheerleading uniforms are red and black. YEA!!

In October during a Sunday night service, your gave your little heart to Jesus. Mimi and Granddaddy are so proud of you and know that you completely understand what you are doing. Your little letter to Campbell was so precious ". . . I gave my heart to Jesus, now we're sisters." With your kind heart and loving nature, Mimi knows God has great plans for you.

Happy 7th Birthday, Angel!

Mimi and Granddaddy love you all the muches!!!!


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    I LOVE it!!! Though the tears of all the sweet pics and true comments about my precious baby girl...I almost wet my pants at the photo of her pulling Campbell's hair! The funniest was, of course, the expressions on mine and matt's faces! Oh, the innocence that comes with parenthood the first go round! We had NO idea what was to come with the second and third born. That little hair pulling now seems like such a piece a cake compared to the "Did I tell you that I was on RED today, Mom?" that so easily flows from the mouth of the middle child! Somehow, though, my face still seems to be left with the shock from above. I guess we will always see our own as perfect! I love you, Mimi! There could never be another more special than you are to me and my girls! You would move mountains to make us happy and, believe me, even the littliest one around here figured that out real quick