Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Little Turkeys

Mimi and your Mamas just L.O.V.E. anything with your handprints on it ~ so for Thanksgiving 2008, Mimi decided to give your sweet Mamas a little present . . . a pillow with your handprints made into turkeys.

I even made one for the C girls Mammaw K. And, of course, I had to have one for myself with all 5 of you little turkeys on it.

Five Little Turkeys on the Popsicle Bench
Looks like Mimi's going to have to refluff it after 2 years of storage, doesn't it ~ someone's turkey legs aren't showing!
When I put it out this week, I had to take time to pull out the pictures from that Thanksgiving . . . my, my, my how you've grown. As always, there was a "show;" in fact, several shows that night.

The 1st one was a skit ya'll made up which included the cute little Pottery Barn look-alike headdresses--excuse me, "turkey crowns"--you made when you first got to the acre (gotta have those special crafts, you know!) It took a while to get through this one because you kept getting so tickled. Cybie, your part must have been just to eat because that's what you're doing in every picture that year. Bless your sweet little heart!!

While ya'll performed, sweet Baby A just cooed looking so cute in her Mommy-smocked dress.
(Sorry about the black dot on your lips--Mimi must have a smear on her scanner)

Then after dinner, the REAL performance began . . . costumes and all!!
No, Mimi didn't even decorate the entry table that year ~ Shame on me!!

And guess what Cybil was doing . . .

Now, do you girls remember what you wore to Mimi's last year? Yes, your ribbon turkey dresses. The newest addition, Sweet Baby Josie, even had one, too. Mimi was busy sewing last year! Here 4 of you are looking like little dolls in your polka dots except we're missing little Cybil who was home with the flu & Baby J hadn't gotten here yet. By the time she did, we couldn't round ya'll up again for pictures. There weren't any pictures of a performance, but Mimi is almost positive there was one . . . isn't there always one when you 5 are here?

Five Little Turkeys Minus One
You'll be getting your new turkey shirts in the mail this week (yes, Mimi's a week late but you're not surprised are you?); I'll give you a sneak peek now--just pretend you didn't see them when the package arrives.

Ummmmm, they may be looking a little plain; maybe if there's time before the little cutie in the brown shorts driving the brown truck comes rolling by . . .
Mimi can't wait 'til Turkey Day 2010 when my Five Little Turkeys all come waddling home!!

Gobble, Gobble ~ Mimi

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