Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playing Round Ball

Last weekend Mimi and Granddaddy traveled north to watch the beginning of a new sports season for Monkey #1 ~ Campbell's first "big" basketball adventure.

Sporting your daddy's football number as always!
For the past 2 years, your daddy coached you in Upwards Basketball at your church; but this year you wanted to tryout for the 4th grade squad through the recreation department. Of course, you made it even though you're only in 2nd grade. It was very exciting to watch you play with the 'big' kids and especially when you scored a basket!! Don't tell Granddaddy I told you, but he almost missed it trying to check the score on the dawgs game. Mimi just wanted to forget the dawgs were playing ~ I think they did forget during the 4th quarter!

Little Cybie was all dressed for the occasion showing everyone that she's your biggest fan.

When we got to your house on Friday night, ya'll surprised Granddaddy with a birthday cookie and some pictures you had made him. That cookie sure was good!!

Can you tell Granddaddy was still a little under the weather?

We're so proud of you, Campbell ~ you're going to be quite a basketball player!

Cybie, Mimi's sorry she's going to miss your first dance performance on Wednesday; but if I came, who'd cook Ole Tom Turkey? Make sure Mommy and Daddy tape it for me like they promised. Smile pretty for us!


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