Thursday, March 22, 2012

Biting the Bullet

For three years Mimi has been "collecting" from around the house for the neighborhood yard sales.  Yep, a whole lot of valuables stored in tubs under the pool table, on every square inch in the attic, in every closet and in the garage.  But every time the yard sales were scheduled in May and September, Mimi seemed to be busy visiting my little monkeys.  And, you just know, Mimi had much rather play with ya'll than yard sale!!

(picture from the web although it does look like our entrance and one of Ms. D's signs)

But yesterday, Mimi decided enough was enough.  Granddaddy said the house was going to collapse from so much "garbage" ~ yes, he did!  Can you believe he would actually call my valuables garbage?  So, trying hard to forget about the $75 I would make sweating all day peddling my wares, I looked up the number, dialed the phone and asked sweetly when the B.I.G truck from Providence Ministries could come carry away the things I found I could live without ~ you know, those things that had been in the boxes so long I couldn't even remember what they were.

And guess what!!  They could come today!!  YEAH!! . . . or not so yeah . . . couldn't I really use that extra money and especially if I made $500 like some people in the neighborhood do . . . I know that's very unlikely for some reason . . . keep it or let them come . . . empty it out or save it in hopes I could make the sale this time . . .

One look at Granddaddy's eyes staring hard at me gave me the answer I needed.  "Well, yes sir, I'll be at home between 1 and 4:30 on Thursday."  It was decided . . .  Mimi bit the bullet!

So today about 2:30 this pulled in the driveway . . .

and before long, sweet, strong boys like these had all of Mimi's valuables loaded in the big white truck . . .

(pictures from the Providence website ~ Mimi was too busy making sure they got everything to take pictures today)
and now . . . Mimi and Granddaddy are breathing some sighs of relief.  Mimi actually feels like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders.  For some reason, Mimi has been struggling with the fact that your Mommys and Daddys would have to sort through all that "stuff" one day if I didn't do something . . . I know, I do worry way too much about silly things; but, anyway, now I won't have to worry.  But I do have to continue to clean and pack up more and more things I'm finding I really can live without.   New philosophy around the Acre ~ Less is Best ~ if it hasn't been used or worn in a year, then bye, bye.

Providence Ministries really is a wonderful organization that uses all "donations to help rescue homeless children, feed the poor, provide refuge for homeless men and women, and rescue those suffering from addiction."  They always came at the end of every yard sale and picked up whatever didn't sale from the homes that participated in our sales; so Mimi just saved a few steps and a lot of sweat and let them get it all at the beginning.  Maybe they can get the $500!

So that's it for this week's work . . . oh, I forgot . . . I also painted the upstairs deck furniture so it would be new and fresh for all the pollen to fall on.  Yep, that pretty shiny, black wrought iron furniture is now a very dull yellow. (Just listen to this . . . Granddaddy let me put out the plastic and paint the furniture in the kitchen so I wouldn't be out in all that pollen ~ he really can be such a sweetie sometimes . . . if he had been really sweet, he would have volunteered to paint it so I wouldn't have to breath the paint fumes either . . . but we all know that wouldn't happen, didn't we!)

So now that the ceiling won't collapse, Mimi's ready for my Monkey Fun to start tomorrow!  Rest up tonight cause Mimi and Granddaddy are on their way!  See you soon, girls!!

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  1. The same thing is going on at my house. My SUV consistently has bags and boxes for me to drop at the local charity. I'm such a saver, but lately I have been having those exact same feelings of my 2 girls going through all of my "stuff" and wondering just what their mother was thinking. Having that mindset is helping me get rid of the treasures {or trash}
    Have a great weekend with your girls.