Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Wow!!  Granddaddy and I just realized this was our F.I.R.S.T weekend at home since the middle of February.  And guess what we did?

With everything already blooming so early in this summer-like weather we're having, we decided a little yard work was a MUST ~ Mimi decided and Granddaddy did help some until Mr. Wendell's old truck started calling his name.  And you know, that ended his gardening.

Look again at my beautiful flowers . . . OOOOOhhh my, now just why didn't Mimi plant those Leyland Cypress the rest of the way across the ditch?  Oh yea, I remember . . . there wasn't a house there then . . . only beautiful woods!!  I really do love my "backyard" neighbors; I mean, the Mister is a high school friend (and ya'll know how long that friendship has been) but see how their house "blurs" the view of my beautiful flower garden; well, at least you can be distracted by the house and miss all those weeds!  Guess I'll just have to finish the Leyland row and wait 6 more years for them to grow tall enough to help.  But then again, I would miss all my talks with the Mister and his sweet mother-in-law across the ditch.  What's a gardener to do???

But back to this weekend . . .

a little weed pulling, pine straw adding, shrub trimming, snake killing, and lower patio cleaning left Mimi just a little bit sore today.  And guess what, we're no where near through!! Yard work and laundry . . .2 things Mimi can never get caught up with!!  Oh, thought I better tell you . . . Mimi didn't kill a snake ~~ Mr. Jackie did when he came by to help Mimi a couple of hours on Friday.  Guess we won't be having another scavenger hunt in the upper yard during cousin's camp this year!!  And Mimi's thinking that part of the yard is off limits for me, too!!

That was Mimi's weekend ~ what about you girls??  Well, AG made the cut for the 2nd grade talent show and will be playing "Amazing Grace" on her violin on Mimi's Birthday while their whole family enjoyed St. Patty's Day at the CCC festivities on Saturday.  CJ's team didn't finish quite as well in this weekend's BB tournament but, hey, 2nd place still sounds pretty good to Mimi!! CONGRATULATIONS, MONKEYS!!  Mimi and Granddaddy are beyond proud of our two biggest littles!!
Now, Mimi's got to rub down her sore muscles and get some rest because another busy week is about to begin ~~ Monday with the A girls and the weekend brings travelling to Cybie's first spring soccer game and watching another of CJ's BB tournaments . . . no yard work in sight for this week . . . guess the weeds will have time to grow really tall.  Oh well . . .

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  1. This will be our weekend to spend in the yard ~ the weeds are getting bigger and bigger! You have a beautiful garden.