Sunday, March 11, 2012

She's Lost Something

Yes, dear Middle Little, you certainly did loose something while ya'll were visiting the Acre over winter break in February.

 Can the rest of Mimi's Monkeys see what she lost?

Yes, AC, you lost your first baby tooth just before Mimi's famous pancake breakfast!  You were so excited to finally loose that tooth ~ loosing it officially makes you a 6 year old!!

WOW!!  Mimi still can't believe you're six already!

And just look at these "Goofy Cousins"

What fun ya'll had when K and J visited and were so excited that Sweet Baby J spent the night with you snuggled up in the Nest! Kaleb was upset that he'd already finished his winter break and had school the next day.  One boy with all those girls . . . you'd think he wouldn't want to stay!

Mimi's trying her best to get caught up with the rest of our fun so keep checking back!  Hope you're all already in bed dreaming sweet dreams because the school bell rings early in the morning since we had to "spring forward" this weekend!!

Good Night ~ Love you muches!!!!!

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