Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slightly Strange

As I was sewing away last night about 10:30, my phone alerted me to a text message from the Daughter.  This is what I saw . . .


According to the text, it had been standing for about 15 minutes as Jon blew on it.  STRANGE, yes!!!!  I immediately responded with a "WHAT????" before she called me explaining that something about gravity last night made it stand but only if it were facing from north to south, sweeping east to west.

Of course, Mimi had to try it, too!  I didn't know how to use the compass on my phone like Jon and Mande but trial and error worked.  See . . .

Feeling a little like I was on "Bewitched"

Granddaddy was sound asleep by this time but Jon said I should stand the broom by the bed, wake up Granddaddy and then run.  Mimi was afraid Granddaddy would use the broom on me so I just waited until morning to show him the pictures.

M & J also sent the text to brother, Matt, but Mimi won't repeat his response because it might hurt Aunt B's feelings ~ it was something about another kind of miracle, though.  I'm sure he was just kidding, Beth!!

Anyway, it was a little STRANGE on the Acre last night.  Wonder what magic those 2 will come up with tonight?

Hope your Thursday is wonderful little monkeys ~~
at least today is FREE day for both sets of you!!

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