Monday, March 5, 2012

March Madness

Not the College Basketball kind of March Madness

but . . .

the Green Acre kind of March Madness

which is . . .

*  the unveiling of the new March line of Matilda Jane Clothing

which translates to Mimi got to spend almost a week with the A girls while Mommy was carrying around her "trunk" load of the most beautiful little girl and big girl clothes and helping Mommy with computer entries and anything else she or the family needed like chaffeauer to ballet & violin, cook, and storyteller; also meant sitting all huddled together  in the fartherest corner of the basement during the tornado alerts on Friday night.

*  the first softball tournament of the season

which translates to driving almost an hour & sitting under 3 blankets on a windy, cold Saturday to watch the oldest play in her first softball tournment and cheering the Mo Jo's to a 2nd place finish.

*   the first AAU basketball tournament of the season

which means Granddaddy and I will be taking another road trip but at least this time it will be 75 and no wind in the basketball gym and this time we get to see little Cybie, too!!

*  another CT scan

this I could have done without (but am praying everything is still as it was in September) because it wasn't nearly as much fun as the other March Madness.

Oh yes, there's been a lot of Madness going on so far in these first few days of March ~ March definitely came in like a lion on the Acre . . . roaring with all kinds of activities.

But would Mimi have it any other way?  Of course not!!!!

Especially when all the madness involves these 5 beauties!!
(and, of course, their mommies and daddies)

now just look at this other "madness" Mimi found when she came home on Saturday . . .

Isn't this almost as beautiful as Mimi's 5 Little Monkeys?

The mad part of this beauty is that it's blooming now in March ~ this is Granny's cactus that always bloomed a very pale shade of orange around Mother's Day when it was in her house.  Since it has been here, the color just keeps getting deeper but it still bloomed around Mother's Day . . . until this year.  Guess it thought if the jonquils could be blooming now, it could as well.  Anyway, it was a very welcome sight when Mimi walked into the kitchen Saturday morning!

Whatever other Madness March holds, it will be a blast
because it all will mean more time with Mimi's most prized possesions.

Good Night my precious Little Monkeys!!

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  1. Your month has started a little like mine ~ 4 grands going in 4 directions and a little doctor drama for grandma too! Praying for good outcomes on your CT scan so you can keep up with your girls!