Monday, March 12, 2012

Jingle Bells and Cartwheels

Baby A got a new Baby Huggums last week
and quickly named her . . .

"Jingle Bells."

Jingle Bells was supposed to have been a baby gift for Miss M's new baby girl but you decided you "just needed her" even though you have the Baby Huggums that is Mimi's traditional first-Christmas gift to all the monkeys.  So, she became your's and Mommy finally found another on the back shelf at Tuesday Mornings for the new baby.

Now little Jingle Bells goes everywhere with you ~ even to cheer on Daddy's basketball team.

AND . . .

Little Cybie taught herself to do a one-handed cartwheel!

The beginning pose . . .
"Are you ready, Mimi?"

Boy, did Mimi have a hard time getting this on camera!!

You've almost got that split perfected, too.
Next trip up, you'll probably be landing that one-handed cartwheel into the split!

One thing's for sure, you practice them enough!  According to Mommy and Daddy, if you do one a day, you do at least 150.  Mimi does agree ~ I was exhausted just watching!!

Mimi sure does love you 2 precious little monkeys all the way to the moon and back!!

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