Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Baby . . .

of the 2nd generation is 27 today.

"Happy Birthday, David!"

As the baby, you were much loved by your Gran & Pop. You & Mande had lots of special times with them while your Mamas worked & the older siblings were in school ~ Mande even talks about one of the trips to Reliance here. "Flashes of my childhood came flooding back and I vividly remember that trip to Reliance where David and I snuggled up under the roots of that big tree for Gran and Pop to take our picture. And, how can I forget Pop's face when you fell in the water!" Somewhere I even have the big seed pods ya'll brought home from this trip. Remember when you were all about the "California Raisins"; I even painted you a sweatshirt (pre-embroidery days). Please don't kill me for this picture ~ the favorite 'after-Sunday-lunch' activity for Danielle & Mande was to dress you up ~ like your older cousin, Matt, you were always a good sport about it. On the back of that picture, Gran had written, "Mande dressed him--so lovely!" But too quickly, those days passed and you moved on to big boy activities like hunting, fishing, baseball & football.

Then, before we were ready, you were a senior in high school and getting ready for your days as a Dawg. I got to spend some good times with you during your high school days when I "gently urged" you to compete in FBLA. I was always happiest when my babies were at my door needing something ~ unfortunately you & Matt didn't appear there as often as your sisters ~~ guess it's a "boy thing" to be more independent!

This spring you married your college sweetheart and are now officially a part of the BIG WORLD . . . job, bills, yard to mow & all. So glad your friends are visiting ya'll this weekend to help you celebrate your big day. Hope Jess has made you a "first birthday cake since being married" and hope she won't have to bury it in the back yard like your Gran did when she made Pop his 1st birthday cake many, many years ago!

Uncle Man & Aunt Sissy love you all the muches!! See ya'll in 2 weeks!

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