Monday, August 16, 2010

The bells, they are a ringin' . . .

school bells, that is. Now, summer is officially over despite the 100 degree heat.

Campbell Jane is now a 2nd grader ~~ Wow . . . that sounds old!!!

Ailee Claire is in 4 year old kindergarten at her "old school." Growing up way too fast!

Anna Grace has a whole 7 days behind her already in 1st grade since she started on August 5. Cybil and Adelynn will have a little while before their "official" school days begin. I'll try not to blink so they won't be here tomorrow!

From the time I started first grade until I retired after 31 years of teaching, my "year" revolved around the starting and stopping of school. It was a "new year" when school started while the last day of school meant the "end of the year" ~~ January 1 and December 31 really had no significance other than they were part of Christmas holidays. The 2 months (which really seemed like just a few days) between that beginning and ending were just "FREE" days. SUMMER VACATION DAYS. And one didn't even look at the calendar. Fancy free. No agendas. Sleeping late. Tickle parties. Popcorn and late-night movies cuddled under blankets in the floor. Kids everywhere . . . mine and all their friends. Swimming. Camping out in the tree house while I "slept" in the hammock so nothing would get ya'll. Beach vacations.

And T.H.E.N. . . .

that dreaded day . . . the first day of "the new year" . . . the first day of school. Who dreaded it most . . . my babies or me? Close call, I'm thinkin' "But the sooner we get started, the sooner it will be over for another year." Great philosophy then; but now, what I would give to slow down that year!

But, another one is beginning . . . and just where did summer go . . . not really sure but I do know we were having fun while it passed. Check back later this week for some highlights.

I hope my three monkeys enjoy their new year as they much as they did their FREE days. Listen to your teachers, work hard and remember your manners!! Mimi loves you all the muches!

Destin 2009

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