Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can I Say Proud?

Just had to show off my favorite newest Dawgs!

Taylor in his Red & Black

Heather in her Red & Black

They both survived camp and are now full swing into college life . . . classes, practices, studying, a little social life, and a little sleep. There's some precious pictures floating around of them at their respective camps but not sure they would want me to post those on here. But it sure looked like they were havin' fun! From way back when I was a dawg until now, I'm not sure the Redcoat uniforms have changed. But what a difference those Georgette uniforms are from when Mande was shaking her pompoms for the Boys of Fall in 1996.

And speaking of those Redcoats ~ I almost forgot . . . did any of you know how they got their name . . . well, one theory is that it happened during a Georgia/Georgia Tech game when the announcer, after calling the Jacket band the "Yellow Jacketed Band," couldn't think of anything to call the UGA band except "that Redcoated Band." Supposedly, the name stuck . . . and in a few weeks . . . all you DAWG fans will join 90,000+ as you . . .

“Keep your seats, everyone…the REDCOATS are coming!

Wonder if my redcoats are missing home as much as home misses them?

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