Monday, August 9, 2010

Tradin' in their Green & White . . .

for the Red & Black of the Bulldog Nation.
Today, Taylor officially becomes a DAWG and begins paying his dues as a member of the REDCOAT band. Heather left Friday to begin her new life as a GEORGETTE. Wow, such an exciting time for them!

Never any doubt these 2 talented Indians would be selected as Redcoats!
Watch out if you're in the Athens area today ~ there may be a flood as Doodah leaves her first born behind. Tears are being shed here today, as well; right, Nana??
We just couldn't send them off without a farewell party at Sissy's & Uncle Man's. Danielle said she thought Granny would have been so proud of us. Hope so, because she sure loved that 1st great grandbaby.
Here's a little peek into what things looked like at the acre on Thursday night ~~ we celebrated where they had been with the Green & White of MCHS and where their new life was taking them.

I quickly raided the "Dawg House" downstairs for anything red & black, brought out all the tailgating supplies and we were ready. Hamburgers & hotdogs on the grill, baked beans, homemade ice cream and a "huge" cookie cake complete with a super G. Sorry AG & AC that Mimi didn't have the corn & okra you were hoping for! Matt, Beth and the "C" girls were greatly missed!! Sorry, everyone, I just got so busy I didn't even pick up my camera after we started to party. Think of Ailee in her red & black for Tay-Tay & "Dorothy" & you'll get the picture.

Of course, our history expert, Taylor, refreshed our memories on a little UGA history. Did you know that the UGA Redcoat band originally started in 1905 as a section of the UGA Military Department with only 20 military cadets? HOW DID THE BAND GET THE NAME "REDCOATS?" Check back later to find out one theory! If you have an idea, leave a comment to see if we match.

In 1959, Phyllis Dancz, wife of Roger Dancz who was director of the Redcoats, formed the “Georgettes,” a dance line that performs alongside the band during the pre-game and halftime shows (now you know what the Georgettes are). You want to know a little history about your Mama . . . when I was a flagtwirler way back when, the Danczes came to our little high school and directed our summer band camp--aren't I so special?

Full tummies; lots of hugs, laugher, & tears; little ones playing upstairs in the nest; family surrounding 2 beloved children; and God's presence in the form of a much-needed rain shower ~~ what more could we have asked for on such a special night?

Taylor's 1st UGA game with his favorite Georgette 13 years ago

Fourteen years ago, our Mande was MCHS's 1st-ever student to become a Georgette; Heather is the 4th one to follow her lead. Taylor joins a very small group of other Indian Band members to ever march as a Redcoat.

Heather and Taylor, as you begin this new chapter, please remember the prayers that were prayed over you on Thursday night as we wrapped you in our love and know that we are all still praying for you both daily ~ prayers for strength and courage to face the challenges of life on your own, endurance for the endless practice schedules, that you feel God's arms lifting you up, that His amazing grace be poured out on you continuously, that you seek Him and to do His will first and foremost, and then that you give Him all the glory.

"Those things which we have both learned and received, and heard and seen in me, do; and the God of peace shall be with you." Philippians 4:9

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

Only 26 more days 'til game day . . . Go Dawgs!!

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