Monday, August 30, 2010

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made this weekend got me to thinking about my last post and the "frilly" part of the Boys of Fall . . . the CHEERLEADERS and the BAND. Now granted, guys, the football part ~~ uniforms, boys running through the 'signs,' the completed passes, quarterback sneaks, great tackles & etc. ~~ are what really make up Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, B.U.T. some people really do only come to the games to watch the cheerleaders and the band . . . YES, that's right! And, even 46 years later, that's how they're remembered . . . a girl 2 years older than me that I hadn't seen since high school saw me this weekend & said . . . "Yes, I remember you, you were a flagtwirler." Well, now what do you think about that?
So, I decided today to salute the "Girls of Fall" starting with your Mimi . . .

Yes, that little one in the center with the big mouth is me!

Thanks to older cousin, Pat, I was the MCHS mascot.

Ya'll have even played in this green sequin jewel!

Majorettes & Flags couldn't cheer during varsity football so we were JV football cheerleaders and basketball cheerleaders. In the bottom picture, we were in Macon at camp--it was only 102 degrees and there we were in our velvet and fur uniforms. Now, you see why I was so memorable as a Flagtwirler (LOL). Also, notice that Mimi was once skinny; yes, I was!!!! In case you can't pick me out, I'm the 2nd from the left & Miss Clydene is 3 to the right of me.

Let's just skip right on to the other girls of fall in the family . . .

The baby sister . . . didn't she make a cute Indian!

She loved cheering for her Big Brother!

7th Grade ~ Visiting with Judge Pop after a parade

Senior ~ 1995-1996

See that little cutie in the top left picture ~ little Emily who is in her final season as a Georgette. You & Doodah got to cheer together during Homecoming 1995. You were selected as a UCA All-Star cheerleader which meant we got to travel to London to meet the Queen during Christmas of your senior year. Now she knows how to put on a parade!! What fun!!!!

Go Dawgs!!!

I can't wait until Homecoming between the hedges to see you perform again with the Georgettes & Heather, Emily and our Redcoat Trombone player, Taylor. I just noticed in this picture that the Redcoat uniforms have changed some from 2000 til today--there's black now where the white is on the front of the jacket.

Whoever you go to the games to watch really doesn't matter . . . what matters is that Fall's a Comin' and Football's in the Air. So a BIG salute to EVERYONE who "suits up" on Fridays or Saturdays to play on that big green pasture and to all the little ones who are just starting their Season of Dreams!!

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