Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

August has been filled to the brim and running over with so many activities. There's not been time to post about ALL the going-ons; so, on this last day of the month I'll just give a little review. We had . . .

Another Shower on the Acre ~

The color scheme was orange (looks like pink in the picture), brown, & lime green. Mimi had all the decorations up and fresh flowers on the table before we left town so when M & M arrived after church on Sunday all they had to do was put out their food & welcome their guests!

This one was a baby shower for my "2nd daughter," Judith, hosted by Mande & Melissa (my 3rd daughter) on August 15 on the acre~~ Now A & C girls, you know Mimi only has one real daughter but Judith & Melissa have been such a part of our family for so long and spent so much time at our house, I consider them mine & their Mamas even understand. Remember what made 8/15 such a special day for us, Campbell? Well, when Mimi & Granddaddy got home from your house, the acre was buzzing~~here's a little sneak peek into the fun~~

My Beautiful Southern Belles!

I can't wait to meet this little boy!
Another Cruise In ~

Saw even more beautiful cars and lots of friends from home. Can you believe we had to travel an hour in the opposite direction from before to see these folks? Mmmmm, this world we're living in!

Ernie even came to the Cruise In ~ his driver said to be sure you girls noticed he had his Bible, his seat belt fastened, and was in his booster seat. That's Ernie's little porsche!

Just picture this in Canary Yellow with Mimi behind the wheel ~~ Yep, 46 years ago that was me! 46 years . . . oooooh, let's move on quickly!! This time, Mimi went a cruisin' with Granddaddy in the little red car with the top down & my hair blowin' in the breeze . . . when I closed my eyes, we were 16 again! But reality hit when we arrived at the Cruise In and I had to "try" to get out of that little red car ~ not a pretty sight I'm sure! Oh, I almost forgot ~ it poured rain right after we got there. Granddaddy got the top up just in time!

A Little Sewing ~

Well, maybe alot of sewing; after all, it's Football Time in the South and my Fabulous Five M.U.S.T. have something new to wear! And don't you have to have at least 1 new outfit a week for school? And you know, when I show one picture, you must picture at least 2 more and sometimes even 4 more!

If you're reading this and you're not part of the family, I guess you're wondering why such a "die-hard" DAWG has sooooo much orange in her sewing room . . . well, I have the most wonderful daughter-in-law B.U.T. she has one slight little problem ~ she bleeds orange and even has a diploma to prove it. Yes, the mother of my "C" girls cheers for that "other" SEC team on Saturdays and Mimi must sew fair ~~ the red & black have already been sent so pictures will have to be posted later. But I must admit they're good about the feud . . . they wear red & black when the dawgs play (they must please their daddy!) then change into their orange and white when its time for the vols. "A" girls, your outfits are on the way!

And, some little one's Daddy came home for his 2 weeks R & R. I just couldn't let Miss Emily meet her Hero in plain ole clothes. See what she wore!

Her sweet Mommy found fabric just like Daddy wears and it made the cutest pillowcase dress. She carried the little purse in the picture below filled with all kinds of treasures to show her Daddy. I think the picture was blurry because of my tears. But I think she was quite a sight running through the airport with yellow ribbons flying from her dress and her hair as she leaped into her Daddy's arms!

This little shirt was a Memorial Day/July 4th surprise for her to wear for her Daddy when she talked to him via webcam. And the skirt was a "special order" from Miss Emily herself! Maybe she can wear this when she takes Daddy back to the airport.

Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for letting Lyle get home safely to his dear family; and, please wrap him in your loving arms and shower him with your Amazing Grace when he returns to duty.
Even after all this sewing, there's still piles and piles of UFO's in baskets, bags, and cabinets. Now, I wonder why I just can't seem to get caught up . . . there might be more time if I didn't have to get on the computer to get my embroidery designs . . . you know that silly little "e" just keeps calling me to come into blogland and facebook and emails and on and on. Anyway, just look at all Mimi has planned for you girls . . . but, shhhhh . . . this will all be sweet, secret surprises in the mail for ya'll soon--yes, I said soon!! GO AWAY LITTLE "e"!!!
A Little Sunday Night Church FBC style ~

Horseshoes, Fishing, Zipline, Swimming, and the Water Blob . . . Does your Sunday night service have all this?

The Youngest Generation

Dear Sweet Friends

Laughter, Music, the Smell of hamburgers, hotdots, & grilled okra and, of course, good Preaching!

I have so many pictures I would love to share but maybe I'll just post them to the church's website since this post is so long already.

And the incidentals ~

Then there was . . . Tuesday Bunco, Wednesdays 2 for $20, babysitting for the A girls, weekend visit with the C girls, after-Sunday-night-church dinner at Panera Bread with the Brunsons, and Girls Night Out at the movies. We had a "Queen's" Movie Night planned ever since the 1st Eat Pray Love commercial aired which included dinner & the movie. But when the night arrived, we were down to only 4 queens and dinner wasn't in the picture any more (the life of a grandparent~~always on call). It was fun as always when the girls get together . . . lots of laughing mixed with a little gossip. Now the movie . . . well, it received good reviews from us because we LOVE Julia Roberts and besides who hasn't ever dreamed of just running away to bigger and better things? Plus it sure did help matters when we got the "senior" tickets even without asking (now why do you think that was 'cause you know we don't look like seniors, do we?) and our wonderful buttered movie popcorn had extra butter. Would we recommend it . . . well, yes, of course, if for no other reason than everyone needs a girls night out! Sorry no pictures for this, we were just so excited we forgot cameras!

Finally . . . I threw in a few chores--a little gardening, house cleaning, and laundry--while Granddaddy ordered new parts for his toy and worked on her every night. Plus you've seen the other entries this month including Taylor's send-off.

Now I know why I'm so tired lately! But I must get rested because my favorite time of the year is just around the corner and I have TONS of fall crafts to get busy on, not to mention all the Halloween & Thanksgiving little outfits to sew ~~ get ready Betsy and Buella, I see a few all-nighters ahead!!

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