Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Down on the Farm

with Mr. GreenJeans, aka Granddaddy. Well, you all know that Granddaddy got all "farmer-fied" this spring and planted 1/2 the acre in a vegetable garden. Do you think he was trying to outdo Mr. Tom and Mr. Wendell? Since then I have given him the nickname Mr. GreenJeans ~ don't think he likes it much, but oh, well! Even though I have kidded with him alot about it being where my pool was to be, we sure have loved having homegrown veggies just a few steps from the back door, even the Fabulous Five love his okra and corn.
He's been a little puffed at me, though, because I haven't blogged about his garden . . . didn't even know he knew I had a blog . . . but sure can't have him mad at me so here goes . . .
Granddaddy's Special Blog Post:
The Pool, oops . . . I mean "GARDEN."

Sweet Merritt Corn ~ on-the-cob with butter dripping off it (or cutting it in "sheets," right girls?) & Silver Queen for covering our okra . . . the "P" family tradition.

Just look at those beans ~ not 1 bug bite!

White Half Runners ~ Pop wouldn't have any other kind.

S.U.P.P.E.R ~~ It was Yummy!!

One night we had stuffed bell peppers ~ Granddaddy wasn't so sure about them but he LOVED them and asks for more. I'll have to share the recipe soon. Ya'll might like them, too.

Thanks, Mr. GJ, for working hard so we could have such wonderful goodies & I believe you did outdo the guys ~ at least your corn was still standing & we didn't find 1/2 eaten tomatoes on the deck! Just one more thing . . .

Can't end this post without showing off Granddaddy's little helper in his garden . . .

Meet Miss Gigi

She has made a wonderful scarecrow for the garden ~~ she even caused quite a stir when a flock of black birds decided to feast on the corn. What a racket they made as she ran through the garden ~ they flew off never to return. And we're the only house in the neighborhood who doesn't have squirrels eating up everything. Guess you've earned your keep now, Miss Gigi, and you're here to stay ~~ as if you weren't already because you are so loved by the Fabulous Five and we all know that whatever they want, they get!

(hummmmm . . . do you think I can get them to ask Granddaddy for a swimming pool? I'll have to work on that)

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