Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cool Morning Air . . .

just makes me want to get out in the garden again! But, my garden is looking a little neglected and wilted ~ no rain and a sewing room full of fabric just might be the reason. Longing for spring and early summer when the garden was in full bloom . . . let's take a look!

Ahhhhh, can't you just smell that Stargazer!

This spring we planted a Little Gem by the deck ~ wonderful, wonderful smell while I'm having my morning coffee ~ now I know what you're thinking . . . it will NEVER be huge like my old Southern Magnolia at the other acre but . . . the smells the same, just not as much of it. And that's okay because little fairies flitter around this one now!

While my fairies are resting in Granddaddy's perfect grass, I'll just wander out into the weeds and get my hands dirty ~~ so, if you call and Mimi doesn't answer . . . you'll know where to find me because . . .

Miss Gigi has had her breakfast, chased a few birds from the feeders and is now patiently waiting on her Mama to come into the garden to play. But don't worry, I'll be back in the sewing room after lunch because 3 little dawgs need something to wear this weekend!

Cool Morning Air + Hot Afternoons = Mimi's Fall Schedule

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