Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Job More GRAND

than that of being “MIMI” to my Fabulous Five! As we celebrate Grandparents Day, I want to thank my wonderful children for making me the most blessed mother and grandmother ever! Your Pop used to say that florists invented “Grandparents Day” as a way to make more money . . . sounds like Pop, right, even though it was his President (GA's Jimmy Carter) who "made it legal"? But his philosophy was that EVERYDAY was Grandparents Day with all the visits, hugs, kisses, and sweet notes he and Gran received from their 4 grandbabies on a daily basis. Those 4 knew that there was nothing their Gran and Pop wouldn’t do for them without question. Thanks, Mama and Daddy, for showing me how to be that type of grandparent to my sweet girls! There’s just nothing like . . .

Grandparents’ Day lunches . . .

Precious letters . . .
Lunch time treats . . .

After-church snuggles . . .

Long Weeks spent together at the beach . . .

and a thousand other little things from spontaneous “Mimi, I just love you!”s . . . to phone calls to tell me about something special that had happened . . . to a little voice repeating “Mimi” 25 times in a row because she didn’t think she had my attention when, of course, I was hanging on every word; and then there’s the tickle ‘fights’ in the nest . . . the “Will you sing us just one more sweet lullaby, Mimi?” . . . after-Christmas-Eve-dinner remarks of “Mimi, you’re the bestest cooker, ever.” Oh, the sweet memories!! Could life get any better ?

Hummmmmm . . . . . . . nope, I think not; at least, not for this Mimi!! Hope you grandparents got as many big slobbery kisses from ALL your GRANDbabies this weekend as I did!

God's Gift of Angels

She rocks another baby... hums an age old lullabye

She hopes no one is watching

as with thanks, she starts to cry

Remembering the time

when the babies were her own

And her mother told her gently

too soon they would be grown

Lots of bedtime stories, skinned knees, and tears to dry

Teddy bears, toy trucks and dolls

and kites up in the sky

First days of school, first loves, the proms, the wedding days

Sand castles and snowball fights and teaching them to pray

Now, as she holds her grandchild

and gives thanks unto the Lord

She knows to be a Grandma

is motherhood's reward!

------ By Unknown Author

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